IoT with Peter Gallagher and Brittleness of Architecture with David Whitney

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Sheffield Hallam University

Owen Building Room 1029 City Campus, Howard Street · Sheffield

How to find us

Through the main Sheffield Hallam University entrance until you get to the lifts then take the lifts to the 10th floor, we'll be in room 1029

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This event will be split into two parts, Peter Gallagher presenting IoT with nothing but your Laptop and the second half will be David Whitney presenting Clouds, Microservices, and the Brittleness of Architecture.

👉 IoT with nothing but your Laptop

Although the cost of IoT hardware has reduced dramatically over the last few years, you still need to choose the right IoT option, figure out what accessories it needs, order it all from Amazon and wait for it to arrive. By that point, you’ve moved on to something else entirely, so it sits in a cupboard drawer for a year and a half before you get back around to thinking about it…. Then you realise that you need some components and wires… Back in the drawer it goes!

With the advent of HTML 5, so comes the ability to simulate a lot of IoT Kit right there in your web browser. Pete will take you through a few online simulators for IoT technology, which will give you a head start into the world of IoT. This way you can forgo all the procrastinating, and get to (virtually) creating!

👨‍🏫 About the speaker:
Pete Gallagher is a Freelance Programmer and owner of PJG Creations Ltd. As well as being a happy programmer in just about every language, he also runs Notts IoT, co-organises Dot Net Notts, Notts Dev Workshop and sits on the board of LATi. Pete is also an active STEM Ambassador and Code Club Volunteer, and enjoys helping and encouraging young people into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects.

👉 Clouds, Microservices, and the Brittleness of Architecture
Why your cloud architecture might kill your software.

In this talk, we discuss what cloud native really means for your software - and more specifically why ignorant use of excellent technology can actually damage your application, rather than help it. We'll discuss some excellent features of the Azure platform, but also dive deep into the things that will definitely go wrong when you use them thoughtlessly - along with exploring some battle tested, cloud native patterns for avoiding certain disaster.

👨‍🏫 About the speaker:

David is the founder of Electric Head Software, working on an independent software consultant based in London focusing on IT software delivery, developer mentoring and cultural change - mostly working with London-based organizations and start-ups.

David has previously served as the Technical Architect for JustGiving, and helped market-leading organizations such as JUST-EAT, Trainline, Euromoney and Vodafone improve their technical capabilities and culture across a variety of principal engineering and senior leadership roles.

David is also the best-selling author of the book "Get Coding!" - a childrens programming book available worldwide, and it's successor Get Coding 2! - covering videogame programming for 9-14 year olds.

There's a chance you've seen him talk at a spread of conferences, usergroups and code-dojos around the UK over the last decade, or indulged in bar-room programming debates after one.

You can find his open source projects on NuGet and GitHub, follow him on Twitter @david_whitney, or check out his technical blog at

📅 Agenda
- 👋 Welcome
- 🗑️ Housekeeping
- 👨‍🏫 IoT with nothing but your Laptop with Peter Gallagher
- 🍕 Food/Drinks
- 👨‍🏫 Clouds, Microservices, and the Brittleness of Architecture with David Whitney
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