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What we’re about

Join if you want to try programming. Join if you need a little help or want to give a little help. 

We are going to do events where we teach you different aspects of fullstack web development. Some topics that we'll focus on are JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Angular, React and HTML. Our events are about learning new things about web development(programming) and solving programming problems that you might see in a web development interview. We are also planning meetup events that will help you learn how to create your own MVP, guide you in product management and network with other fellow developers. We are an international web development community. There is also a lot of networking and socializing.

Already know some Ruby? Come on by and get to know some other ruby developers. Total beginner? No problem. We all start somewhere. Let's start coding today.

Our events are sponsored by Bogotá Dev - Dev Shop & Bootcamp | |