What we're about

You attended one of Dr. Joe’s life-changing events, you were stunned and moved by the profound experiences, spontaneous healings that you witnessed, and would like to know the science behind it, you are “doing the work” and would like to be around likeminded people on the same path, you read one of Joe Dispenza books or watched one of the films where he is featured and want to know where to begin your practice; if you answered YES to any of the above, then this group is for you.

"Knowledge is the precursor to experience."

We welcome wholeheartedly everyone who is open to the concept that “our personality creates our personal reality”, who understands that there’s more to this reality than our eyes allow us to see, who discovered that our perception of reality is based on the set of beliefs seeded deeply in our subconscious mind, who witnessed firsthand “the miracle” of spontaneous remission, placebo effect, power of meditation and are now ready to put it into practice.

"Time has come to embody all the knowledge we gathered so far."

At our regular meetings we will be openly exchanging the knowledge, the science, the tools and share personal experiences about how we are changing our lives, create the memories of our desired future, and finally live the life that is worth living.

We will be gathering at least one evening a month for a chat and once a month for a Walking Meditation in the Geneva area.

"If you knew that you can create your day, would you miss one day doing it?"

Welcome to this group of Amazing Powerful Enthusiasts who know that impossible is nothing.

Past events (40)

Let's finish this glorious year in style!

Rte de Loëx 43

March Walking Meditation

Rte de Loëx 43

February Walking Meditation

Park Evaux

January Walking Meditation

Park Evaux