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Looking for some new faces around the gaming table? Delve into ancient dungeons, uncover lost knowledge, advance the secret goals of your faction--whether it be the freedom-fighting Andorans, the good-hearted Silver Crusade, the shady dealings of the Sczarni, or the strict laws of Cheliax--and gain experience and loot for your character no matter where you game!

We meet each Monday at 7:00 PM and we usually run four tables, five if we have enough players.

You can find our schedule of scenarios here: http://warhorn.net/dragons-lair-pfs/schedule/day.php

And our Character Creation Cheat Sheet here: http://www.meetup.com/Dragons-Lair-Pathfinder-Society/pages/Pathfinder_Society_Character_Creation_Cheat_Sheet/

If you're not familiar with the Pathfinder Society, check it out at http://paizo.com/pathfinderSociety . You can bring your own character or use one of our pregenerated characters. Even if you use a pre-gen, you'll apply your loot and XP to a new character of your own creation, and otherwise all you need is a pencil and some dice!

Please contact us with any questions (or to request a scenario!) at erin@dlair.net

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