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Are you a purpose-driven professional looking for growth?

Dreambuildrs is a social learning network for professionals. We are here to help you to thrive in business and life.

How we do it?

--> Connect you with like-minded business friends. We are uniting purpose-driven professionals and entrepreneurs in a collaborative support network to who help each other grow, solve challenges and achieve your mission faster than you could do alone.

--> Provide an alternative curriculum. We share ideas and practices that prioritise self-discovery, personal growth and skills that matter in an agile world.

Why join our events?
We build events that inspire, empower and connect. From local meetups & workshops with experts, to life-changing adventures with like-minded peers.

- Imagine to meet like-minded business friends.
- Grow your potential and skills to a new level.
- Receive support on your biggest challenges.

We are looking forward to meet you!

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Inspirational Talks & Networking

Selina Navis CoWork

Discover an exciting way to learn, grow and build new connections in a fast changing world. We passionately create monthly events for professionals that bring together inspirational talk and conversation, growth and networking. We do this by inviting experts who share their knowledge and life stories in short inspirational talks. And they won’t leave you without practical tools that you can apply in your life. Program 18h-19h Speakers + Q&A 19h-20h Networking What is dreambuildrs? Dreambuilds designs unique learning experiences for professionals by sharing ideas and practices that shape a better tomorrow and develop your potential and skills to thrive successfully in life. Join Dreambuildrs for new insights, fun & friendships. Talks & Speakers: will follow soon! tbd. In our previous editions we hosted experts to offer insights about; personal growth, mindfulness & meditation, authenticity, flow & high performance, health & nutrition, reaching high levels of gratitude and happiness. For more information visit www.dreambuildrs.com or join the community http://bit.ly/3168PvW.

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Inspirational Talks & Networking

Selina Navis CoWork

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