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This group is for ANY real estate PROFESSIONAL who wants to take their business to the next level. We welcome realtors, brokers, new and experienced investors and anyone else who values education as a necessary commitment to upping your business/marketing game! Educating oneself is the one thing every entrepreneur must do to keep his/her business moving forward. We diligently provide you with the educational opportunities you need to help propel your business to the next level.

Your net WORK = your net WORTH! Our networking opportunities typically involve 30-50 real estate professionals from around the DFW metroplex. We have members from Abiline to Waco. This small group allows everyone to get to know each other on a professional as well as personal level, as desired.

We are also a great place for investors and realtors to network, share tips & tricks, and partner on deals or find a listing agent or buyer. We welcome anyone how wants to learn how real estate investing and marketing work. We welcome both active investors who are out in the field buying and selling properties and those passive investors who have money and are looking to build relationships with investors to take advantage of the HOT DFW real estate market by lending money on deals.

Business is built through networks so come network with us every 1st Thursday. You just might learn something new.

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CLAIM MY SPOT: http://simplydoit.net/fbf No frills, fluff or sales pitches..... strictly deep dives into solid deals THIS WEBINAR IS EVERY FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH: THE FIRST WEBINAR IS: SATURDAY, JULY 11th 10 AM PST DURING THIS FREE MONTHLY WEBINAR WE WILL: - Review the deal for schools, crime and market health - Provide you a real-time analysis on the deal score - Show you the financials and our opinion of the deal CLAIM MY SPOT: http://simplydoit.net/fbf Meet the Hosts Tom Staub Co-founder, Betterturnkey.com Tom Staub has been helping investors beat the market on real estate deals since 2016 when he pushed investors to get into Huntsville, AL before the wave which resulted in consistent double-digit returns and was a homerun prediction and in 2018 he predicted a wave of investors to Cleveland, OH which again resulted in consistent double-digit returns and timed it more than 12 months before the current influx of investors now going to Cleveland. He now has a few other predictions which will be shared in this webinar as we go over the "Hot Deals". Dani Beit-Or Founder, SimplyDoIt.Net With over 16 years experience investing in US real estate, Dani uses his knowledge and experience to secure financial growth for beginners to experienced investors. Since 2004, Dani has worked with over 5,000 investors, helping them to build strong real estate property portfolios by investing in various US metros. Dani helps both beginners and experienced investors by customizing each strategy based on experience, age, goals, knowledge and financial abilities. CLAIM MY SPOT: http://simplydoit.net/fbf

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