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What we’re about

This group is for business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone that would like to learn Social Media and SEO. Learn how to Drive Traffic with Media to your website. Learn the essentials of SEO and Social Media and advanced techniques. Get what is working now and how to get the edge in SEO in Los Angeles. Our meeting will be focusing on helping you get better conversions with online marketing. Social Media can be confusing and learn what is working now on Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube can help you in your ranking. Join our group for free training, even if you don't do the marketing you need to understand how it works and what you need and don't need. So let's make you a lover of Social Media and SEO...  

What is working now with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Content is still king for SEO and will be just about forever as knowledge and the right answer is the key to a great search engine so Google will rank you well with laser-focused traffic with the right keywords. Is SEO still relevant? Of course, it is and it's still the most trusted traffic online as the user on Google understands the top ranking nonpaid search is normally the best and most trusted information online. Most people understand Google Adwords is a pay to play situation meaning the more you pay the better ranking you will get. So let's get you on top of the search engine's and start getting your perfect client.