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The San Diego Drone User Group is an organization for amateur and professional drone users that seeks to promote the responsible use of flying robots for community service, artistic, entrepreneurial, and recreational purposes. All experience levels are welcome. We get together as a community to share tips, experiences, and of course to do some flying. We work to educate ourselves about how to build and use drones in a safe and respectful manner and to educate the public about the positive role aerial robotics can play in our society. Most importantly, we think that flying robots are a lot of fun! SAn Diego DUG is a member of the Drone User Group Network, an association of community organizations that promote the use of civilian drone technology for the benefit of humanity.

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Houston is Calling
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

To all Part 107 and insured pilots with the Phantom 4 or better platform. Help is needed in Houston. Please contact [masked] only if you can help.

If you don’t have business insurance consider the hourly on-demand pay-as-you-go commercial flight insurance from Verifly. Pretty reasonable and can be purchased for 1, 4 and 8 hours at a time.

Houston is Calling
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I have contacted Ty Audronis that is heading the organization in Houston for the Red Cross effort and have received some interesting updates. Here is the current status:

There is some workflow and political issues that are still being worked out so we are on hold until we get the go signal to tomorrow, Friday or as late as Saturday. We were on track to leave early Thursday 8/31 but the delay actually will help us collect more supplies and equipment for better support readiness. All pilots answering the call will be flying literally hundreds of missions as a whole (over 1000 estimated) to develop a large map of the affected areas to help the Red Cross coordinate and plan supplies delivery. These will NOT be search/rescue missions but rather mapping missions for planning and documenting current conditions for relief efforts. Drone Deploy has donated 100% of their cloud server processing power and hosting services for the map development and we should easily have the largest contiguous map developed to date. History in the making – until the next huge disaster hits and drone pilots selflessly help again! We are in need of batteries the most. We have drones for the 2 CTDUG teams we will be running simultaneously but need more batteries to have charging while we are flying. The more batteries, the more missions, the more area mapped and the sooner relief efforts can be coordinated – that simple. Please contact me directly and let me know when/where I can pickup or you can drop off the DJI Phantom 4 high-capacity batteries for the effort. Please make sure to label them with your name and contact information so we can get them back to you reliably. The specific batteries we are looking for is Part Number: CP.PT[masked] / UPC:[masked]. They retail for $163.99 at Best Buy if you want to purchase some and let us borrow them short term. If you have a Phantom 4 Pro that you can allow us to use that would be awesome. We have 1 Phantom 4 Basic and 1 Phantom 4 Pro but we would have a much better success rate with another Phantom 4 Pro and use the Basic as a backup or second string vehicle. The Pro has such a good camera we can do much more with it and have better results. I have decided to donate my time if we need to perform any repairs on systems that get damaged during the missions and am willing to cover any borrowed drones under my personal property insurance coverage for an extra level of protection. Please help with getting us another P4 Pro if at all possible. We have started a Go Fund Me campaign to help defray costs for food, gas and supplies for the pilots and helpers going to Houston to volunteer time and equipment for the relief effort. Anything you can donate would be much appreciated. Any proceeds not used for the relief effort will be donated to the Red Cross for continued relief support.
https://www.gofundme.com/szctxj-hurricane-harvey-help-for-houston The continued support to help with this historic effort is very much appreciated. I hope we can make San Antonio proud of the work we are doing in the relief effort.

Stay tuned for more information as we get it.

Mexico is Calling!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

TO: All UAV Needed in Mexico or heading to the affected areas.
RE: Earthquake.

Pedro Matabuena, from Mexico City, has been assigned the coordination over the UAVs that are going to survey the affected áreas, standard emergency teams have managed to save some trapped civilians, but they could use UAVs equipped with infrared or similar cameras capable of looking for people under the debris.

The purpose of this Operations page is to facilitate information sharing and coordination during humanitarian UAV deployments. For immediate assistance during a disaster, please email Patrick Meier.

Email: [masked]

Join the Roster: Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5UM1rCeaZNSkPI-RdtaZThl5Wud0fSaXAqZvWgDEVnNn8bA/viewform

Mexico Regulations:


Caribbean is Calling
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Dear All,

The World Food Program and WeRobotics are seeking assistance to collect and share aerial data to support the response to the ongoing humanitarian emergencies in the Caribbean. Timely access to aerial imagery is critical for disaster response. Various needs have been identified across the islands, depending on level of impact. More information on the support we require and how to provide this support is available in this Google Doc below.

Many thanks,
Patrick & Andrew (UAViators & WeRobotics Co-Founder)

On behalf of the World Food Programme, WeRobotics, Open Aerial Map and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team, thank you in advance for supporting and engaging in the effort to collect and share aerial data for response to the ongoing humanitarian emergencies in the Caribbean.
Timely access to aerial imagery is critical for disaster response. Various needs have been identified across the islands, depending on level of impact as below. For Questions & Answers, please scroll to the end of this document.
Top Priority: Dominica
• Island estimated to be 80-90% destroyed. No utilities working at all; Only ham radio and few satphone services running as of this morning. Various communities completely cut off. Main roads are completely destroyed. Roads to/from airport destroyed making access for assessments very difficult.
• Request to map out island in order to identify possible alternative routes to get to affected population (search and rescue teams, etc) and identify best area to set up relief efforts.
• Identify/estimate damage assessment High Priority: Puerto Rico
• Island infrastructure extremely to highly impacted throughout
• Power blackout expected to last up to 6 months
• Extreme flooding throughout the central and northern regions

Medium Priority: Barbuda
• Island was severely destroyed. Entire population evacuated to Antigua
• Mapping would support government and entities supporting reconstruction identify areas to rebuild infrastructure Other areas identified in the link below will be updated regularly with priorities.

To coordinate these efforts, we will use the Imagery Coordination tool to coordinate and track progress on the collection of UAV imagery for this response. If you are in the relevant areas and you would like to contribute or collect imagery, please follow the link below:


The OpenAerialMap tasking and coordination tool is an initiative by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT OSM). Once imagery is collected and processed, OpenAerialMap can then be used to distribute and share. OAM allows imagery to be browsable on the web as well as usable in GIS and OpenStreetMap editors.

For a description of how to upload data please follow the instructions at this link:


To help with appropriate data collection, coordination and effective deployment, we have attached the following documents from WeRobotics for this purpose: 1. CAA contact list for the hurricane-affected areas.
a. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RqtTtMYKUFA5JxPdql9oKR93mTSBepcylggGMqhgtIg/edit?usp=sharing 2. Humanitarian UAV Mapping Basics
a. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wMzP0L7_LfShKaXs2JZCnnIyJwYIeljGH4DeXVeOnTk/edit?usp=sharing 3. International Humanitarian UAV Code of Conduct & Mission Best Practices
a. http://www.uaviators.org/docs

Key contacts for coordination and support are as follows: WFP UAV Coordination Lead:

PLEASE: only contact Gabriela if you absolutely can support the WFP/WeR efforts. Gabriela is working 20+hour days, please be *smart* about this, be professional and respectful. Abusing this trust will absolutely put you on the blacklist across the UN system. Thank you.

Gabriela Alvarado (Regional IT Officer)
Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean / United
Nations World Food Programme
Mob. Irma Response: [masked] | Satphone for Irma Response: [masked]
[masked] WeRobotics support:

Andrew Schroeder

Patrick Meier

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team support: Cristiano Giovando
[masked] Nate Smith
[masked] Thank you once again. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. We look forward to helping you contribute to relief and rebuilding in the Caribbean with timely and high-quality aerial imagery. Cheers,

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