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Alban Eilir with the Circle of Coll
We invite you to our Spring Equinox ceremony (Alban Eilir in the Druid tradition, Welsh for "Light of Arthur"). The name for the festival of the Spring Equinox in Druidry is Alban Eilir, which means 'The Light of the Earth'. As the Sun grows warmer, so life begins to show through the soil. Small signs at first - the daffodils and crocuses - then more green as the bluebells and wood anemones spread through the woodland. Plants are seen by some as inanimate greenery with no actual feelings and life force. But Druids see life in all living things, from rocks and stones, to rivers and springs, plants and trees - all life is sacred. Have you ever thought about how you recognize the beginning of Spring? Is it the plant life? The weather? How does a plant know when it is time to grow? It cannot tell the time or see a calendar. Yet it knows. If it has senses, then it has consciousness, if it has consciousness then it is more than an inanimate life form. So it is the return of life to the Earth that is celebrated at Alban Eilir, the time of balance. --from At this time and the return of light, the sun has grown stronger and the days have lengthen as the Wheel of the Year begins to turn with the new life of spring. Our Alban Eilir rite will be held at a home in Woodinville, WA, contact Gail for address and directions. As is our tradition, we will have Eisteddfodd (sharing of story, poetry, and music) following the rite, so please bring a healthy snack to share and a bit of music or of the written word. We look forward to seeing you! /|\ If you would like more information about the Circle of Coll, please visit our web site . Please feel free visit the Circle of Coll Facebook group at: .


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