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Apache Druid is a high performance, real-time analytics datastore. It was created to allow consistently fast, multidimensional ad-hoc drill-down type querying for large quantities of data.

The Bay Area Apache Druid Meetup by Imply is dedicated to bringing together users and developers of Druid to exchange knowledge, insight, and spur the adoption of Druid for innovative research and commercial applications.

Your participation is most welcome! If you would like to speak at one of our meetups please email meetups@imply.io.

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Virtual Meetup: Benchmarking Apache Druid

Online event

Apache Druid is designed for high-performance query response across a variety of data sources. This talk explains how we evaluated Druid’s performance using the Star Schema Benchmark (SSB). The SSB describes a data schema and a set of queries that measure query performance of commercial and open-source databases using a data warehouse style workload. When selecting a database for analytics, it is imperative to align the platform’s strengths with its desired usage. Join us to learn about Druid’s architecture and how to performance test it, including a step by step methodology that digs deep into tools and scripts that you can use to benchmark Druid in your environment to see how fast it is at your use case. About the Speaker: Matt Sarrel is an Apache Druid Evangelist at Imply, where he serves as a technical and educational resource for developers building high-performance real-time analytics apps. Matt has evangelized and built products at dozens of tech companies large and small, as well as for open source projects Apache Ignite, Apache Mesos, and now Apache Druid. He has used, contributed to, and advocated for open-source software throughout his career, starting way back in the late-90s when the now-gone Linux Router Project proved indispensable during a hardware failure. Matt frequently writes and speaks about topics such as cloud-native infrastructure and application development, data analytics, and security. He holds an MPH in epidemiology from Columbia and a BA in history from Cornell, and is a certified information systems security professional (CISSP).

Virtual Apache Druid AGA (Ask Gian Anything) / July Office Hours

We're continuing our virtual AMA-style meetup series with an Office Hours and Q&A with Gian Merlino on Thursday, July 23rd at 9am PDT! Please RSVP on this page to get the Zoom link details. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Looking for a new project to tinker on now that you’re working from home for the unforeseeable near future? Or are you in the midst of digging into all the goodness Apache Druid has to offer? Either way, we have a special opportunity to up-level your knowledge during this 45-minute online session. Join us for a virtual office hours and AMA with Imply co-founder Gian Merlino, who will be answering all of your questions related to Apache Druid. Please submit questions in advance at Slido (www.slido.com) using event code #42210, or bring them to the live session where they'll be answered (time permitting). About Gian: Gian Merlino is CTO and co-founder of Imply, a San Francisco-based technology company, and a committer on Apache Druid. Previously, Gian led the data ingestion team at Metamarkets (now a part of Snapchat) and held senior engineering positions at Yahoo. He has a BS in Computer Science from Caltech.

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