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What we’re about

AIKYA is a Sanskrit word meaning "oneness with all that is."  Oneness within, oneness without or harmony within, harmony without. Pronounced: EYE-kee-ya, with accent on first syllable (NOT pronounced like a well known Swedish assemble-it-yourself furniture company!)
Become ONE with the RHYTHM 'n BEAT of the DRUM!
If you reading this, you are already a drummer. That's because you have a beating heart inside you. If you can walk, you can dance. You need be neither a drummer nor a dancer to come. You can just come and watch and listen. Some drums will be provided but please bring your own. Feel free to bring other instruments as well. We are a free-style drum circle, so we don't adhere to any particular style or rhythm of drumming. It is all improvisational. Join us in music, dance, and rhythmic FUN! Bring your unique spirit and vibes. Every jam is different depending on who attends and how everyone is feeling at that moment. Come to play, come to listen!  Bring your friends.  YOU are what makes this drum/dance circle come alive.