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My name is Andrew Ecker and I have a deep Love for people music and culture and that is what drum circles are about, very simple we bring people together to play music dance but most importantly have fun. This group offers a way to connect with other people that enjoy music we offer classes, jams volunteer opportunities and most of all friendship. You may find us outreaching at a Church held picnic for the homeless or drumming at a dance studio we have gotten together many different places and had fun at all of them please come join us for an amazing time exploring music. Any of events unless otherwise notated will have drums are open no matter what level you are and are on a donation basis or free... please never let lack of money keep you away there are alwasy you can contribute to a community.

Culture is what we create when we play pray dance sing or drum culture is in the patient silence and the scream of angry joy and pain it is at the heart of the human experience and you are the culture of the drumming sounds. http://photos2.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/6/c/4/0/event_89727712.jpeg

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Basic Pattern Practice Class!

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I noticed that many people that went through my "Drum and Rhythm Basics" course are very happy with what they've got. They now understand the basics, they learned the core techniques on how to play the drum and played a few patterns for a while and they can now join a drum circle as an active participant. But nothing replaces the need of repetition and practice. Even the most talented person needs to practice for a while until certain patterns settle in. For most of us that process takes a while and it very hard to do by your own at home. Would you like to feel a lot more comfortable with playing your drum? Would you like to be able to play and feel good with the most commonly rhythms played in drum circles? Would you like to practice those together with others under the guidance of somebody who has taught drumming for more than 2 decades (http://danielhirtz.com/about-daniel-hirtz/)? Would you like to know that we will go as fast as the slowest person can go so that everybody feels relaxed and never feels any pressure? In this course we will take the time to develop basic patterns and play them for longer periods of time so everybody can "soak" in them. That way we make sure you will remember them and have them available when you play with others. We'll also look out for your hands and instruct you so that you play with right technique for better sound while protecting your hands. It also will be a drum circle in and of itself so you will be able to enjoy the energizing and uplifting effect of drumming together. Cost for the class: Walk ins: $15 / When paid in 4 week block: $40 ($10 per class). Don't have a drum? No problem, I have enough drums for everybody!

Polyrhythmic Practice Class with Daniel Hirtz

Daniel Hirtz's home

Polyrhythmic Practice Class This class is for those who have established a foundation in drumming that allows them to hold a pattern while others play a different pattern. This is where the advanced type of drumming starts and this is a class for students that want to build their skills, develop the ability to listen to others while holding a pattern and Start having the experience of really playing in an ensemble. We will both train on various compositions from different traditions and musicians as well as develop music on the spot through group improvisation. Compositions and traditional rhythms: play and keep a set rhythm/voice while others play interlocking rhythms/voices. Learn not just how to keep your voice but to be able to listen to the other voices while playing yours. This way helps to improve the sound/production of your voice for overall better sound, energy and emotion. Improvisation of interlocking voices: come up with patterns on the spot has very distinct challenges... i.e. not to play too much, how to not just replicate somebody else’s voice, how to create a counterpoint to somebody else’s voice, dynamics of volume and tones. Playing solo: For those who are interested and ready, there will be plenty of time to explore solo improvisation and learn various ways of approaching it. We will look at those areas of development and consciously carve a step-for-step skill set that makes you a better drummer and somebody who knows well how to connect with other players even when you never played before. For serious students, there will be opportunities to perform what we learned in gigs that we will either produce or participate in. I have various connections that will allow us to play for schools, festivals and informal gatherings. Drop-ins: $15 Pay 4 classes in advance: $40 Bring your drum if have one. I have enough drums for everybody.

SUNDAY DANCE! a conscious movement/ecstatic dance experience

What You Might Experience at Sunday Dance... As you enter the studio, remember that a sacred container has been created, and that we are all moving into our own inner space. Turn off your cell phone. Keep your conversations outside in the lobby. And BE welcomed into the dance! For the first 15 - 20 minutes we’ll be arriving into the room, arriving into our bodies, warming up, stretching. Breathe deeply, your breath will help to connect you with the process, especially if you‘re new to this practice. Any time you feel unsure, focus on your breath, on the bottoms of your feet securely on the floor, allow your body to move freely. The music is designed in a ‘double wave’ moving from a slow, circular, flowing tempo to faster sharper staccato, building into chaos before releasing into lyrical, arriving at stillness (as inspired by the 5Rhythms) then flowing again into a 2nd wave. Allowing us to move even deeper. In this form the music is a guide/support into our inner realms. Ask your Self - What am I feeling right now? How does my body like to move - right now? This is your time, your practice. Tune in, BE curious about your Self! We are all moving in to more of our Selves. Closing is our sacred time, a time to put our names into the circle and briefly share what is living in our hearts and minds. * Adults over 18 are welcome * DOORS CLOSE @ 10:45 am * This a fragrance-free/cell phone free space. * $15.00 per session, per person (5 class pass prepaid-$60.00 message Nina @ [masked]) Nina Smith (https://www.facebook.com/smythicalnina), ecstatic dancer and awakened Being, shares wisdom gathered from a lifelong love of learning and deep connection with spirit, through her dance and in expanded consciousness workshops and circles here in the Valley of the Sun and the world. https://www.instagram.com/smythicaldancer/

Smooth Rhythms

4425 N Granite Reef Rd

This is a Rhythm Class for stress release, rhythm meditation and connecting our rhythms within the Drum Circle. You can bring your own drum but if you do not have a drum, Drums and other percussion instruments will be provided. Cost is $5.00.

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Smooth Rhythms

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