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Drupal "Show and Tell" evenings are held at a number of organisations around London with an interest in Drupal. Each month we'll be calling on people to present short talks related to Drupal and the wider ecosystem.

We hope to be able to provide refreshments and nibbles or sandwiches at each session (sponsors welcome) and we'll socialise and network in a nearby pub afterwards, so please join us for that too.

Talks could be on anything from a neat solution you've discovered for a tricky problem to your latest favourite feature of Drupal 8/9. As well as deep technical talks, we also appreciate case studies and community and business issues. We aim to have a few talks that last around 15-20 minutes each, plus allow some time for questions and discussion.

Many previous talks are available at https://vimeo.com/showcase/2625980 (apologies that a few are still awaiting editing). Future talks are likely to be live-streamed and immediately available as recordings after the event.

You don't have to be a Drupal guru to submit a talk! We're looking for a diverse mix of talks and this is a relaxed atmosphere where people who've never done a Drupal presentation before should feel at home.

If you're interested in speaking or just see a real need for a particular talk, please submit your idea at http://bit.ly/drupal-talk .

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April Drupal Show & Tell (online)

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February Drupal Show & Tell, London

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November Drupal Show & Tell, London

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