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Drupal "Show and Tell" evenings are held at a number of organisations with an interest in Drupal around London. Each month we'll be calling on people to present short talks related to Drupal and the wider eco-system.

We hope to be able to provide refreshments and nibbles or sandwiches at each session (sponsors welcome) we'll have a drink in a nearby pub afterwards, so please join us for that too.

Talks could be on anything from a neat solution you've discovered for a tricky problem to your latest favourite feature of Drupal 8. As well as deep tech talks, we also appreciate case studies and community and business issues. We aim to have a few talks that last around 15-20 minutes each, plus some extra time for questions and discussion.

Head over to the dedicated Drupal Show and Tell site to see videos of many previous talks: http://www.drupalshowandtell.com

You don't have to be a Drupal guru to submit a talk! We're looking for a diverse mix of talks and this is a relaxed atmosphere where people who've never done a Drupal presentation before should feel at home.

If you're interested in speaking or just see a real need for a particular talk, please submit your idea at http://bit.ly/drupal-talk .

Drupal Show & Tell was organised and sponsored by Cameron & Wilding over many years and we are immensely grateful for all they invested and their continued support. You can learn more here: http://www.cameronandwilding.com/

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