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Drupal NYC Meetup @ NYU Stern - November 6

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Kris B. and 4 others



Recoupled Drupal DevOps: Building Node with Composer

Are you excited about Decoupled Drupal? Do you love the idea of a "static" front-end site that builds from your Drupal content, but don't know where to start?

This session will break down how Composer has the tools needed to bring Drupal and NodeJS projects together into a single build pipeline.

How to:

  1. Install Node and NPM projects in your composer.json file.
  2. Add your decoupled front-end git repository to your composer dependencies allowing automated install and update.
  3. Create composer commands as wrappers to node commands, such as 'npm install' and content rebuild commands.
  4. Host static assets and Drupal sites on the same host from the same domain with clever .htaccess tricks.
  5. Create end-to-end tests to ensure Drupal CMS changes propagate properly to the front-end build.


Study on Motivations and Self-efficacy in Drupal and Open Source

Elaine Egan is the Director of Global Libraries & Information for an international law firm and a Ph.D. candidate with Dominican University outside Chicago. Her research is centered on knowledge sharing motivations and self-efficacy. She is focusing her study on the knowledge sharing aspects of OSS and selected Drupal as her community of study based on their culture of sharing. She is looking for a few Drupal folks who will consider participating in the research.



20% of Global searches is Voice based and in the next 2 years by 2020; this number will increase to 50%. If that does not bother a content creator or marketer! I am not sure what will!
Search is changing, and so is the way consumers choose to engage with businesses locally or globally. There is a distinct move away from screens and keyboards, and into voice-based interactions. Voice-search is becoming a fast-growing habit across consumer segments and fundamentally transforming how people and businesses transact on the internet.


Note: this Meetup is in a different building and room than last month (see "How to find us" and map pin for important directions). Capacity is limited so please don't RSVP unless you plan on attending.

Welcome to the Drupal NYC monthly meetup!

Please join us on Wednesday, November 6th for our monthly Meetup for an evening of food, drinks, knowledge, and friendship in the Henry Kaufman Center (Room 3-65) on the campus of our generous venue sponsor, NYU Stern!

All are welcome to attend the Drupal NYC Meetup. At each meetup there will be one or more lightning talks and presentations as well as opportunities for new and old Drupalers to network, socialize, and get their Drupal questions answered.

You must enter your real name on the RSVP question (for building security) by 1pm on Wednesday, November 6th or your RSVP will be removed. Check-in opens at 6pm sharp (please don't arrive earlier). We look forward to seeing you!

• 6:00 - Check-in opens, socializing + pizza and drinks (generously sponsored by Pantheon)
• 6:30 - Announcements
• 6:40 - Who's hiring, who's looking?
• 6:45 - Presentations!
• 8:15 - Closing remarks, socializing + leftover pizza/drinks
• 8:30 - After party (location TBD)


Have feedback for your volunteer organizers? We want to hear it:

Meanwhile, we are always looking for speakers! Volunteer/submit a suggestion at or get in touch on Slack at or with any questions.

Henry Kaufman Center, Room 3-65, 44 West 4th Street · New York, NY
11 spots left