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Welcome to the Drupal NYC monthly meetup! All are welcome to attend.

Please join us on Wednesday, May 6th for our monthly meetup for an evening of knowledge and friendship, this month online.

We look forward to seeing you!

Agenda (subject to change)
6:00 - Join the call, get your camera plugged in, and hop on #meetup in DrupalNYC Slack to introduce yourself to other attendees ( ). While we wait for everyone to join, if you have a question about anything Drupal, ask the audience! Please don't use Google Meet's text chat.
6:15 - Announcements (inc. hiring or looking to be hired)
6:30 - Presentations
8:15 - Closing remarks, virtual happy hour :)


Lightning Talk 1

"Quite Busy" by Rachel Lawson

With such a small team and a global community of hundreds of thousands, the Drupal Association is always "quite busy" but never more so than right now. Rachel will bring us up to date on a whole series of programs, ranging from DrupalConNA to local associations, event listings, and a whole new Contributor Guide. She will also try to answer questions about the Drupal Association.


Lightning Talk 2

"Introducing Drupal Views UI" by Eleanor Wai


Presentation 1

"Expanding JSON:API support in Drupal Commerce" by Matt Glaman

Centarro powers eCommerce innovation through every stage of growth. We’ve helped many growing businesses evolve and scale by embracing decoupled architectures to improve performance, create unique customer experiences, and more tightly integrate external business systems to improve their operations.

As a result of this work, we were recently able to release the Commerce API module to the Drupal community at large. It expands Drupal’s JSON:API capabilities to work with the Commerce framework for decoupled eCommerce applications. In this presentation, I’ll walk you through the why, what, and how of the new Commerce API.

Matt joined the Drupal community in 2012 after discovering it through a client using Drupal Commerce. He became an active contributor to the project even before joining Centarro in 2015 (then Commerce Guys) as a senior Drupal developer.

Matt co-maintains Commerce 2.x for Drupal 8 and leads Centarro’s product development. He’s a force multiplier for teams implementing Drupal Commerce, helping them get the most out of the framework, and for Centarro’s own team of developers responsible for maintaining the company’s open source software.


Presentation 2

"Debugging with HTTP Toolkit" by Elijah Lynn

In this talk, Elijah will cover how to use a new must-have debugging tool, HTTP Toolkit, for Drupal development. HTTP Toolkit allows for intercepting HTTP traffic to inspect and alter the requests and responses in-flight, including encrypted HTTPS traffic. HTTP Toolkit is a bit like the tools Wireshark, tshark, and tcpdump, but far more powerful and also very developer oriented (zero config HTTPS setup, pause and alter request and responses). HTTP Toolkit allows developers to easily “mock” changes to applications for rapid testing or prototyping.

Elijah is a DevOps engineer for the Drupal 8 CMS via Agile Six Applications. Elijah was previously a DevOps engineer for Red Hat (Drupal 7 CMS) and D7 application engineer for NBCUniversal. Elijah self-taught himself with online courses (Build a Module,, how to program (PHP/Drupal) in 2012 and has been site building in Drupal since 2009.


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