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What we’re about

We meet to watch episodes, cosplay, potlucks, picnics, attend conventions, present discussion panels at conventions, produce Into the Time Vortex Podcast in conjunction with Gallifreyan Gazette. note: If you live in Central Massachusetts, please check out our sister group, Doctor Who Fan Club of Central MA.

Doctor Who and his companions travel through space and time in the Tardis, having many great adventures. It's listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-running science fiction series. The classic series ran from 1963-1989 and the new series has run from 2005-present. In addition to the regular TV series, there have been spin-offs, a cartoon version, radio plays, books, toys and all manner of related merchandise, movies, a magazine, live events, computer games, and non-computer role-playing games. 

"Dr." v. "Doctor" is generally the form used for Doctor Who used by BBC. However, at times the shortened form has been used. We use the shortened version of the word in the name of our group, because the url name was available, as well as vanity names on social networking sites that we are on.

What is this group about? We watch episodes and bandy about various theories, run panel discussions at fan conventions, have picnics, potlucks, field trips, and other geeky activities.

Do I need to be all caught up to join or attend meetings? No, people are at a wide variety of levels.

What ages and genders are welcome? All genders. Ages 18+ unless with parent/guardian. Most are 20s-40s. 

Do you watch Classic or New Who? Both.

Who played The Doctor? 1 William Hartnell, 2 Patrick Troughton, 3 Jon Pertwee, 4 Tom Baker, 5 Peter Davison, 6 Colin Baker, 7 Sylvester McCoy, 8 Paul McGann, 9 Christopher Eccleston, 10 David Tennant, 11 Matt Smith, 12 Peter Capaldi

Who are some of his enemies? Monsters and enemies: Cyberman, The Master, Daleks, Ood, Silurians

Who are some of his companions? Sarah Jane Smith, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song, K-9

Do you watch other shows? Yes, a lot of us are fans of other series like Torchwood, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Misfits, Red Dwarf and other BBC Series, so we mix those in at times. 

Does it cost to join? There is a free trial. After that, dues are just $5 a year! It allows you to RSVP for events and it the funds take care of the fees that charges the head organizer.

Requirements? This group is about meeting people and creating community. Please include a picture of you in your profile and your full name. This helps us to recognize each other at the events. 

RSVP If you respond that you are going to an event but can't come, please change your RSVP to no as soon as possible. New members who no show to the first event they RSVPd to will be removed right away. Generally two no shows (ie: you have RSVPd yes but don't show up) is enough to be removed from the group. Late or frequent cancellations are about half as bad. 

Harassment: Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. 

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We also run other groups Western MA Movie Meetup  ||  Western MA Star Trek Fans
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You can watch a few of our past talks on our Youtube Channel!  

Read about us in an article at MassLive/Springfield Republican!

Conbust 2015

Dr. Whollaween

You don't have to have a tattoo or Doctor Who shirt to be in our group but it might get you a pic on our About page! Current and past members:

Positive Geek (store), Brattleboro, VT:

Cassidy made this cool TARDIS mailbox:

Montague Tardis (near Montague Book Mill, Montague, MA): 

Mount Holyoke College Library, "Cell Phone Zone" (has a working landline phone inside):

Hampshire College, Kern Building, TARDIS Conference Room:

Here is Doctor Kubb, a game invented by one of our members (adaptation of Kubb)...we played it at our picnic at Forest Park in Springfield:

You can check out our podcast at

Brits R U.S. will be opening in Northampton soon!

Poster for Conbust 2015 by Scott DeNino:

Bye! Come back soon!