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What we’re about

What is the Dubai Crypto Mastermind & Investors Group?

This ACTIVE Crypto mastermind group is dedicated to any and all cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in learning how to create income and generate wealth within the industry. From mining to trading to educational basics, this group is meant to help locals get a proper sense of how we got to this point in the technology and where it might be headed next; most importantly how to take advantage of it and get into a piece of this amazing new technological revolution to create sustainable wealth for the future.

Navigate the Crypto Maze

If you are a beginner looking to learn or an advanced member looking to expand, this Meetup will help you navigate the maze of the blockchain and crypto madness and hopefully simplify some strategies for you to grow upon. Investors who would like to dive deeper into the industry and invest into crypto will be shown advance trading techniques and consulting strategies to maximize 

Brief History

Since 2013, we have had mining operations and have been trading and HODLing bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. Our emphasis is on long term investment and wealth building strategies to help other new and advanced players enter and/or moon into the market. Our team has conducted Crypto Summit events on 3 different continents and are now bringing the strategies and information into this dedicated Meetup group.

In December 2013, our miners became the first Southern Californian company to deliver a fully customized mining rigs to clients. With offices and crypto trading desks in Newport Beach, Amsterdam and Dubai, we are now coming to Meetup to share our experiences and hope to help others create passive income streams, as well as long term wealth in an uncertain economic time.

Topics, ideas and themes you can look forward to hearing about:

1. Cryptocurrency Education

2. Crypto Investing

3. Mining Operations

- Set up your own money making machine 



4. Alt coins investment

- It’s not just about Bitcoin anymore!

- Coin Life Cycle

5. Masterminding with likeminded professionals

6. Current Trends- Technicals vs. Fundamentals

7. Real Live Webinars from our experts around the world

8. Signals and new opportunities within many alt coins

9. Crowdfunding within Crypto

10. Tokens and new ICO’s

- Whats a scam and what would be the next big coin

11. Legal and Regulations

12. Startups based on Blockchain