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NLP and Personal Development (run by a CERTIFIED NLP TRAINER): If you're looking to join a fun and friendly group that focuses on personal development and growth... welcome aboard! This meetup group is for people interested in self help - personal development and personal growth. If you really want to learn a variety of skills that will enable you to be more productive, more influential, and to achieve more, this group is certainly the one to join. The meetups are set in a really friendly and highly interactive environment (in which most learning takes place) and what’s more... all learning is experiential (you don’t need to make notes etc); Some will be workshops, some will be seminars, some will be training courses, and some will be just social get-togethers. The best thing about this group is that you can really have fun while you learn – and even make some really great friends! There are so many meetups out there today that it is difficult to decide which ones to join – I would suggest going to a few different ones and checking them out. What’s unique about this group though? • about me: I am a fully Qualified Integrative Therapist, a certified Trainer of NLP, a certified Trainer of Hypnosis, a Trainer of TimeLine Therapy, and a Trainer in NLP Coaching. • about the group: as well as delivering many of the workshops myself, there are many guest speakers that are invited to present or do workshops on various aspects of personal development – from philosophy, spirituality, and yoga, to reiki, mediation and self awareness, from managing cash-flow, to stock market investment, from NLP - neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and life coaching, to psychology, personal therapy, group therapy and psychotherapy... and beyond. Other topics include: self actualisation, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), the secret, the law of attraction, the celestine prophecy, the power of now, success, conversations with god, diet, health and nutrition, Abraham Hicks, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Jim Rohn, Chris Howard etc • Finally, the people that attend: The people that attend this groups meetups (i.e. you) are really wonderful people – judgment hats are removed in the meetups and egos quickly dissolve, as people in this group can just be themselves. I really look forward to seeing you guys, if not at the evening workshops, then perhaps at an NLP / Hypnosis / Timeline Therapy / NLP Coach Training at NLP Practitioner or at NLP Master Practitioner Level – the first of which will take place in March 2010. Best Wishes, Ali Asghar

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