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Dublin Developer Relations Meetup - Next event: Wednesday March 27th 2024.

It's our 2nd year of meetups. Very excited to have reached this milestone!

Join direct here: Dublin Devrel Meetup Livestream Channel | Dublin Devrel Meetup (
But we'd love it you RSVP and log in on the night to join the conversation.

These events are building useful guides to professionals working in DevRel.

In 2023 we welcomed our founding sponsor Contentful, the API-first composable content platform to create, manage and publish content on any digital channel. In 2024 we are in our SECOND YEAR of this online meetup and going strong, thanks to our sponsors, Contentful, Voxgig and Plantquest.

Have you something to add to the knowledge bank? Visit and submit your idea for a Dublin DevRel Meetup talk.

This DevRel focused online meetup is for experienced and new DevRel professionals. The meetup is committed to giving new voices in the space a chance to reach a wider audience, and for professionals that were unwittingly doing DevRel for years before it had a name, they can give guidance and reassurance to this new generation.

Questions, comments and suggestions welcome on the night!

Spread the word!

Previous talks: