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What we’re about

The Ladies Craft Beer Society of Ireland is dedicated to fostering a community of women who appreciate craft beer, highlighting the role of women within the industry, and hosting educational events to disseminate knowledge about beer and brewing.
Who We Are:
Welcome to the Ladies Craft Beer Society of Ireland! We are women who love craft beer! The central tenant of this group is to create a safe, welcoming environment for women who appreciate craft beer to come together to share tasting notes, brewing tips, favorite beers, swap recipes and much more. We host a variety of events including monthly catch up pints out, tasting sessions, brewery tours, festival outings and beer dinners. We also hold a variety of educational events about home brewing and beer styles to assist and promote women who want to further their knowledge of the topic. From the experienced beer sommelier to the novice pint drinker our events are suitable for people of all levels of knowledge and interest. We hope to see you at an event soon!
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We welcome all potential members to the Ladies Craft Beer Society of Ireland. However, to protect the integrity of the group we wish to make the following statement: Any attempts of infiltration marketing, direct marketing, or data mining of our members will be dealt with swiftly and decisively. It is critical to uphold the unbiased nature of the society and we endeavor to maintain utmost transparency. The previous will compromise our core values and, as such, violates the relationship we have with both our members and the organizations that we work with. Thank you for your understanding!
We must insist that everyone attending all events of the LCBSI is of legal drinking age and can provide ID where required.