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Do you want to reduce your consumer impact on earth, humans and animals? Are you concerned about the wastefulness of our consumer society? Learn how to find useable goods in the refuse of our throw-away culture, to identify wild edibles, to repair and rebuild bikes, clothing and more. Learn more about our group at our website, freegan.info (http://freegan.info/?page=home). And join our mailing lists on Riseup ( https://lists.riseup.net/www/home ) organized by what you're interested in — events only, discussion, a spontaneous dumpster diving list, and more. Search by keyword "freegannyc".

If you are mainly interested in dumpster diving in NYC consider going on your own or in small groups rather than on our "trash tours" which are oriented more for learning than for acquisition. Our dumpster directories for Manhattan (http://freegan.info/freegan-directories/dumpster-directory/freegan-guide-to-new-york-city/manhattan/) and Brooklyn (http://freegan.info/freegan-directories/brooklyn/) are great resources.

Upcoming events (5+)

Freegan Crafts Salon

Judson Memorial Church (Assembly Hall)

Step out of the shopping treadmill! There are plenty of household materials that are perfect for repurposing to create new, beautiful, decorative and useful things to keep or share. We’ll make cards, jewelry, totebags, boxes and more while exploring other creative activities. People are welcome to bring acoustic instruments and poetry for a freegan jam and poetry slam. Great for all ages! Freegan refreshments will be available.

Freegan Meeting

HI New York City Hostel

Help make freeganism happen in NYC! At our organizational meetings we discuss and decide on future activities and group direction. Participants are encouraged to step up and introduce new freegan projects with the support of the group or take roles such as facilitating meetings or bottom-lining events. We welcome both those with experience taking part in non-hierarchical consensus-based groups and those participating for the first time! Newcomers are always welcome and encouraged to attend our full meeting, but if you ONLY want an introduction to freeganism and to dumpster dive, DON'T sign up for this meeting! See the next one (Freeganism 101 and Trash Tour). The meeting is NOT open to media, but media WILL be welcome to the tour with appointment. If you arrive at an event and cannot find us: Call/Text Janet[masked]

Freeganism 101 and Trash Tour

HI New York City Hostel

So we have a better idea of who is coming for what, we're separating the meeting from the 101 and trash tour. Feel free to come to both! At 9pm, we end our organizational meeting (see previous event), and have a brief introductory discussion about freeganism. Newcomers are always welcome and encouraged to attend our full meeting, but if you just want an introduction to freeganism, you can come just for the Freeganism 101 discussion. After the discussion we will explore the area’s wasted food and other goods. We'll give advice on how to salvage these goods and comment on the reasons for such waste. The meeting is not open to media, but the trash tour WILL welcome media that has contacted us in advance. If you arrive at an event and cannot find us: Call/Text Janet[masked]

Freegan Feast!

Needs a location

A FREE and mostly vegan community meal we make together with love, mostly using food we rescued from the trash. We share meal planning, cooking and other food prep skills, tell stories and jokes, meet new people, reconnect with old friends and generally unplug from the current world order as we build community. If you are not a skilled cook, it’s OK! If you are, that’s great! You can plan a dish or two from the ingredients we have on hand and get help if you want it. All participants should plan to help in some way, even if other commitments prevent you from arriving on time. Please note that while freegans encompass a diversity of diets our feasts are vegetarian (mostly vegan). Media WILL be welcome with appointment but journalists will be required to respect the wishes of those who do not want to be photographed. The feast will be held at a volunteer’s home accessible by NYC Transit. Please RSVP (at least a day ahead) to Janet at (347)[masked] for the location. We’ll meet at 5:30pm to begin cooking and preparation.

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