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What we’re about

Have you always wanted to break free from the monotony of a mundane life? Have you always dreamed of adventure and freedom? If yes, the best way to live life is on a Motorcycle. Break free from the daily grind and start living life to the fullest. There is only one life to live and there is no point waiting for it to end without relishing it. Blow away the layers of dust which have clogged your mind, those layers of traditions, rules, dogmas, fears, inhibitions created by a society which belongs to none. Stop being dictated about what is right and what is wrong. For there is no right or wrong way to live life. There is only your way. Come. Join the D-Tourers. The "D" in the club's name stands for anything which you want to stand it for. Because we do not want diktats here. For us, it represents the fourth letter in the alphabet and symbolic with the four directions, expanse, openness, travel, adventure and all the detours of our life which have led us to the D-Tourers Motorcycle Club!

*DVK Biking dedicates this group to all the people who love motorcycling and love touring on them. Life starts here. DVK Biking is the best rated motorcycle rental company based in Bangalore. <br>