Meetup | Demystifying Burner Wallet (xDai) w/ Austin Griffith


Join us on Tues Oct 29th, to meet Austin Griffith, the creator of Burner Wallet (which is a quick web wallet used to move small amounts of crypto quickly). The app took ETHDenver by storm and allowed participants to purchase 4405 meals; off-ramped $38,432.56 in DAI to the food trucks; and the total cost of transactions on xDai was $0.20)!

Attendees will learn about:

- The Tech Behind Burner Wallet (xDai)
- How You Can Set Up Your Own Paper Wallet Pop-Up POS (Demo)
- Real-World Use Cases & Learnings

6:30pm - 7:00pm - Networking
7:00pm - 8:00pm - Presentation
8:00pm - 8:30pm - QA + Fun

Note: Pizza & drinks will be provided! The event is co-organized by DystopiaLabs, Blockchain at Berkeley, and SHE256. Venue is provided by Solana (645 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA).

Burner Wallet Resources:
- Github:
- Medium:


- DystopiaLabs - We help strengthen blockchain networks & run non-shitty edu events:
- Blockchain at Berkeley - A student organization focused on blockchain innovation via education, research, design, and consulting.
- She256 - We are a movement to increase diversity and break down barriers to entry in the blockchain space.

Venue Provided By:
- Solana - A lightning-fast distributed ledger technology without the added complexity of sharding. Designed specifically to support scalable mission-critical applications for billions of users . A web-scale blockchain.