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COVID UPDATE: We will be hosting meetings virtually for the foreseeable future. Check out how you can help with COVID here (https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1rfV29DdARETvo0srn0DXZbVaDrEcAwOPL2P8NDfMxkE/edit?usp=sharing).

1. Is contributing to a better world an important part of your life?
2. Are you open to changing focus if research and analysis uncover something more impactful?
3. Do you want to meet friendly, like-minded people in Philly?

If you answered "Yes" to all three... Welcome! This group is for you :-)

Effective Altruism is a growing social movement which brings people together to figure how we can use our resources to help others the most, and then do it. Rather than just doing what feels right, we use evidence and careful analysis to find the very best causes to work on.

It's not just enough to figure out how to help others, we also need to act on this. Many members are donors by taking giving pledges with Giving What We Can (http://givingwhatwecan.org), or One for the World (http://1fortheworld.org) based on recommendations of charity evaluators like GiveWell (http://givewell.org), The Open Philanthropy Project (http://openphilanthropy.org) and Animal Charity Evaluators (http://animalcharityevaluators.org). Others are researchers, and contribute to high-quality primary research over a vast range of topics including global development, animal welfare and existential risks. Some are moral philosophers, economists or social entrepreneurs.

What you should do:

Attend our monthly socials or themed speaker events to learn more about Effective Altruism and the various cause areas the movement supports! Reach out to the organizers at eaphiladelphia@gmail.com if you have any questions, or just want to learn more about the movement. If you are interested in helping organize events, please send us an email!

Further Resources (EA Philadelphia)

- Facebook Page (http://facebook.com/eaphiladelphia)

- Facebook Group (http://facebook.com/groups/eaphiladelphia)

- Mailing List (http://bit.ly/eaphillymailinglist)

Further Resources (EA)

- Intro, resources and getting involved (http://effectivealtruism.org)

- TED Talk (https://bit.ly/EATedTalk)

- Book (http://amazon.co.uk/Doing-Good-Better-Effective-Difference-ebook/dp/B00XGX17IM)

- Career Guide (http://80000hours.org)

- Mutual philanthropic fund (http://app.effectivealtruism.org)

Upcoming events (1)

EA Study Hall: A Free Virtual Coworking Space (Every Monday)

Have a cause area you'd like to research? Article you'd like to read? Talk you'd like to watch? Problem you'd like tackle? Or maybe just some odds and ends on your to-do list? Start the week off right with EA Philly's "Study Hall", a weekly virtual coworking session for all your EA-related and non-EA-related work.

Inspired by https://www.focusmate.com/, EA Study Hall is a virtual coworking session in which participants can utilize the magic of social accountability to help maximize their productivity. We provide the Zoom call, you provide the agenda.

Here's how it works:
- Participants log into the Zoom with an idea of what they'd like to work on for the duration of the session.
- Post your session goals in the Zoom chat or briefly discuss them with other participants (1-3 sentences max).
- 5 MINUTES IN: Mute yourself! -- This is a distraction-free, (verbal) discussion-free environment for the rest of the session.
- As you work through your tasks, feel free to update others in the chat on your progress.
- Participants unmute themselves at 9:00pm and briefly chat about how they spent their time. Feel free to discuss any interesting or challenging things you found along the way -- Sharing of resources is HIGHLY encouraged.
- The standard session ends at 9:30pm, though you're welcome to stick around for however long you'd like.

Open to: Everyone! -- From brand new members to veteran EAs and every background in between.

For sessions above 10 people, the room will be split into breakout rooms of 10 or less.

For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Quinn McHugh at [masked] or comment down below.

Hope to see you online!

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