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Most of us want to make a difference - to do something to help others and bring about a better world. But how can we figure out what that “something” should be?

Effective altruism (EA) is a new way of thinking about doing good. It's a research field that aims to identify the most effective solutions to the world's most pressing problems and a community of passionate people dedicated to using their careers, donations, time, and other resources to effect positive change in high-impact ways.

EA Philadelphia is the Philly chapter of the global effective altruism movement. Alongside EA MIT, EA Philippines, EA Microsoft, EA London, and hundreds of other local groups, we strive to empower Philadelphians to use evidence and careful reasoning to find the best ways to help others and do good better.

Many of our members support high-impact charitable causes through giving pledges such as Giving What We Can and One for the World based on recommendations from charity evaluators like GiveWell, Open Philanthropy, and Animal Charity Evaluators. Some are researchers or other professionals doing high-impact work over a vast range of topics including but not limited to global poverty, biosecurity, animal welfare, policy reform, mental health & wellbeing, and global catastrophic risks such as nuclear war, artificial intelligence, and climate change. Others are moral philosophers, economists, social entrepreneurs, and students.

But as varied as our work is, we are united by the following guiding principles:

-=-=-=- GETTING INVOLVED -=-=-=-
Attend our monthly socials, discussion groups, and themed speaker events to learn more about effective altruism and how you can do more good in the world. If you have any questions or just want to learn more about the movement, reach out to the organizers at If you are interested in helping organize events or supporting our community in other ways, please send us an email!

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New to effective altruism and eager for a brief introduction? Check out this TED Talk:
You can also read a more in-depth introduction at

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