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What we’re about

I decided to start this group after discovering among native American and other indigenous peoples their tradition of spiritual teachers called "Earth Keepers". Earth Keepers accept the responsibility to honor the spiritual essence of this Earth and all her "helpers" among the angelic beings, ancestral beings, the nature spirits and the elementals. By honoring and giving support to these beings, they support the Earth at this dangerous moment in history. Like humanity, these Beings need the support of healing, and our gratitude and love for them brings out their best...just as it does with humans.

The purpose of this group is to promote the creation of a network of Earth Keepers across America. There are many descriptions of what an Earth Keeper does or might do, but the primary qualification is the love of this Earth and her children. Her children include the spirits of the Earth, the Mineral World, the Plant World, the Animal World, the Human World, and even those ancestors or souls who choose to honor and work with Her as their work.

At this pivotal moment in history as the 2012 Movement gains strength and our vibration is being raised, it is necessary that more people realize that Man's estrangement from Nature must be healed and that we must re-align to the Laws of Cycles and Natural Laws in order to be saved ourselves.

Those who feel "called" to become an Earth Keeper are asked to participate in the creation of a network of sacred meeting places between the spirit world and humanity. The "model" for these places can take many forms...from Zen Gardens, to Labyrinths, to Sacred Groves, to herbal gardens, altars or Medicine Wheels. But we ask that each member consider taking responsibility for creating and maintaining a sacred place on land or in a place they can care for and honor...a place where people can meet with the sacred in prayer, meditation or ceremony. These "places" can be in a private woodland area, a meadow, their backyard or even in a room they can set aside for a loving space to welcome Spirit in.

We also propose that those choosing to create these spaces of beauty, of naturalness, and of wellness, make themselves available to conduct ceremony for others seeking the peace of the world. We will support one another in creating and conducting such ceremonies, prayer sessions, meditations, teachings or even love-ins, so that the Forces of Naturalness and Health are blessed and supported in their own worldwide needs.

The Earth Keeper Movement has different levels. The first level is the spiritual, and the deepest meaning lies here. But there is the need to take out this movement to the People, and this means moving our efforts into organization, into education, and even into helping to shape policy by our government and business organizations. The wisdom of the elders needs to be taken in and made a part of our own life choices. That wisdom needs to be spoken and re-spoken to our politicians and our economic leaders with the force of moral outrage, if necessary. For that reason, this site incorporates several "layers"...spiritual, organizational, educational, and even political. Different members will be drawn to different aspects of the Movement, and we encourage everyone to participate where they feel the "fit" best.

We invite anyone anywhere who is inspired by this opportunity to do something meaningful before the eyes of the Universe to join us, wherever they might be located. And help us do this work in a good way. Aho!

For those inclined to enter into our membership and join in our community, I offer this welcoming ceremony: It is not required, but is offered in love for those who Spirit is called into guardianship.


Our intention in this work as "Earth Guardians" is to lift the Dream of the World to a New Vision of Mankind and Life on Earth, so I invite you to align to the divine within yourselves and to be present in this moment. I use the word "god", but you may use whatever term you normally use to refer to the creator or creators of this Universe.

The Light of God surrounds you

The Love of God enfolds you

The Power of God protects you

And the Spirit of God watches over you

Wherever you are, God is.

So Be It!

The Guides and Teachers of Mankind are here with us as we align to Love and to Truth.

I am Word through all those who agree to this principle by saying "Yes, I am in Truth". Word I am Word. 

(If you choose, you may respond "Yes, I am aligning to my Truth.")

As our Truest Selves, we each come forward to witness the Divine in All That Is, including ourselves. For you, my friends, and for all the Children of Gaia, we claim you in this way so that you may know you are precious beyond understanding:

I know who you are, in Truth

I know what you are, in Truth

I know how you serve, in Truth

You are here

You are here

You are here

(You may speak the following, or whatever version of this you feel comfortable with, if you wish)

In our Truth, I bear witness to the manifest Light that exists in all Mankind. I bear witness to All Mankind in Truth -- in its Beauty, in its Right to Be, in all that it has known and may know, and in all that it has chosen and may yet choose.

I bear witness to the Spirit of the Earth and honor Her in her alignment to the Truth of Love.

I bear witness to the Richness and the Beauty of the animals and claim them in their Truth -- in their Beauty, in their Right to Be on Earth.

I bear witness to the Richness of the Plant World and claim them in their Truth -- in their loveliness, their right to be here, growing peacefully in the Sunlight.

I bear witness to the Service of the Minerals, the Waters and the Winds -- to all elemental life forms -- and claim them in their Truth -- to honor them for their dedication to service and acknowledge their right to be here as well.

For all the Children of the Earth, I bear witness to your worth and claim you for the New Earth.

Welcome warriors of the Earth. You have chosen to become the Will of Love upon this Earth!



Organizer, Clan of the Earth Keepers 

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