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What we’re about

Welcome Adventurers!

If you love hiking, swimming, kayaking, camping & backpacking and generally the outdoors all year round, then this is the group for you! My favorite type of hike is one where we explore and linger at a reasonable pace. I love mapping and creating new hikes.

I live smack in the middle of all 3 borders of PA, NJ & NY and am acquainted with many of the parks in my surrounding vicinity! You will see a variety of parks that we will frequent.

This is mostly a hiking group. We will post hiking events on a regular basis along with other events such as swiking (swim hikes), camping, kayaking & backpacking! ;) Just know that my usual MO is to explore.

Things to know:

    1. Hiking Difficulty Levels - Please know that you must be aware of your hiking level. Most hikes will NOT (or never) be easy unless specified as "Easy". I am accustomed to posting information on the difficulty level of the hikes as well as the overall length of the hike.
    1. Group Etiquette: Please note that for those who have a stringent time frame on a hike or who want to forage ahead and speed hike, you are welcome to leave the group but I am in no way responsible for you if you get lost. The group is under no obligation to keep up with extremely fast paced hikers. I have no problem cutting you loose and those who want to follow you, to travel at the pace that you please.
    1. Disclaimer - As with all meetup events, your participation is voluntary and you are under no obligation to participate or continue in any portion of any event. You are responsible for your own well-being.

By all means message me with any questions with anything that you feel may be pertinent. I am here all year round for you.

PS - I also am an organizer of other groups but this is my main group that is primarily based near the Delaware Water Gap. This is where you will want to stay. With that being said, some of the events will be cross-posted onto my other groups so the number of attendees may be more than what you see. Please only RSVP once & ideally from this main group.

Luv you guys!
Thank you & hope to see you around!
Ilene K.