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Wisdom is like a chest of treasures. Once we open it, there are many precious and invaluable gems we can gain. Within it lies the answers to the many mysteries in life and the universe

The philosophies of the East hold many Gems of Wisdom to enlighten the hearts of man.
Join us as we look deeper and discuss the meanings in the ancient Eastern text's such as the Tao Te Ching, Zen and Confucian teachings and Buddhist Sutras.

Group discussion is a great way to listen and learn from other peoples thoughts and ideas and also to contribute our own perspectives too.

We hope you can join to give this group a richer resource of experience and learning to draw from as we explore these hidden ancient treasures of the East.

See you soon
Myles :)

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Yin Yang and the Five Elements- Unrefined and refined expressions (part 4)

Gain an understanding of how these fundamental forces or principles shape our mind, body, and spirit and how we can strengthen and rebalance them to improve the vitality of our lives.
Part 4 (5 classes)
A) Unrefined and refined expressions of YinYang and the five elements
B) Testing and determining one’s own balance of the five elements
Here we start to look at the difference between the 5 elements in their unrefined or lower form and the way that each element can evolve into purer or more refined energy, and how this can bring better health, a clearer mind and a more balanced positive mood. We look more at how to determine our own 5 elements within ourselves as an individual.

*A gold coin donation for refreshment.

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