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What we’re about

Why Join: <br> We are a group just for women on the Eastside! (East of the river) Our group is private but open to all women, this keeps our meeting times and locations private and only seen by members. To Join our group click on the "Join Us" button in the upper right section of this page under the banner. ***Please finish reading this page first***

Our goal is to provide you with a variety of activities to help you round out your fitness and health, get outdoors (sometimes indoors), and to meet new people. Activities we offer but not limited to: walking, hiking, running, bike riding, and farmer’s markets. Our activities will center on the Eastside but other locations around the Portland area will be on our calendar.

NO SOLICITATION ALLOWED!!!! Please do not join the group with motives to sell a product or service. <br>

Fitness Level: <br> We encourage women of all ages & fitness levels to join and participate from the beginner to those more fit. Most of our activities will accommodate the beginner and out of shape individual. We will split up as necessary, please feel free to pair up with someone that's appropriate for you. Some events will be for the more experienced individuals, please see our schedule for upcoming walks/events and what fits for you (our calendar is limited as we are new).

Dogs & Children: <br> Well behaved dogs on leashes are welcome at the discretion of the event host/organizer, please clean up after your pets. Children in strollers are welcome at walks or runs that the host organizer deems appropriate. We will try and give this information on the calendar but please ask if you don't see any information. We are a women's group and wish to walk, hike, bike, run, and converse with adults. However, we do schedule FAMILY EVENTS for the whole family and we will make these events known.

<br> Cost: <br>Starting in January 2017 there will be a $5 year membership fee. There will be a 30 day trial period where you can join for free but then after 30 days will need to pay if you plan on staying in the group.

Common courtesies: <br> Please RSVP to events that you want to attend so we can get an accurate head count. Event hosts are not professional guides. They are volunteers. <br> <br> We want to start on time, plan on being at the event 5- 10 minutes early. Some event organizer post their phone number for you to call/text them if you are lost or running late. If there are no other "Yes" RSVP's to an event other than the organizer, they reserve the right not to show up. Please be courteous to the organizers, who spend considerable time planning and posting events, and let them know if you're unable to attend. NO SHOWS ARE RUDE!! WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE MEMBERS WHO ARE RUDE AND CANNOT SHOW COURTESY TO OTHERS. 3 no shows or combined no shows with last minute cancellations to limited events are potential grounds to be removed from event or group. Please be courteous and update your RSVP online or call the event organizer and let them know if you can't make it after all.  <br>

Waiver & Release: <br> Fitness activities and other events have risk and you participate in this group at your own risk. The waiver and release is a requirement for you to read and agree to prior to participating in our group's activities. <br>