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Secret Webpages: We have hidden webpages with wonderful treasures. They used to be on Meetup but now they're at

We provide support and information for people with injuries due to repetitive motion, i.e. carpal tunnel, tendinitis. etc., or any repetitive movement, and dealing with chronic pain that can persist.

Dues are a non-tax-deductible contribution.  You can make a donation to the East Bay RSI Support Group at
If you would instead like to mail us a check made out to "East Bay RSI Support Group", message an Organizer for our new mailing address.

To talk to one of the East Bay RSI Support Group volunteers, leave a message at 510-859-7271‬.
They're great for the most recent information about, and support in, dealing with repetitive strain injuries. (Due to our RSI, we cannot reply to posts on this website's message board.)

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