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Secret Webpages:
We have 4 hidden webpages with wonderful treasures. Finding them is tricky:
1.  On meetup.com/eb-rsi click the "More" tab
2.  On the "More" popup click "Message boards".
3.  Then highlight the "More" menu.
4.  From the More menu select "Pages", then you will see our 4 very helpful hidden pages!
We provide support and information for people with injuries due to repetitive motion, i.e. carpal tunnel, tendinitis. etc., or any repetitive movement, and dealing with chronic pain that can persist. Local and internationally known experts address our group each month. For 2013 we will be meeting on the 1st Tuesday of the month.
Dues are a non-tax-deductible contribution. You can use the "Pay online" button, or mail it payable "East Bay RSI Support Group" (message an Organizer for our new mailing address).
To talk to one of the East Bay RSI Support Group volunteers, leave a message at 510-859-7271‬.
They're great for the most recent information about, and support in, dealing with repetitive strain injuries. (Due to our RSI, we cannot reply to posts on this website's message board.)

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Peer Support by Videoconference!

Online event

Join us in cyberspace by Videoconference app!

We'll swap info and general support around any of the vexing issues we face. It's always nice to know that you are not alone.

We'll be using Zoom. Link to be announced the day before the date.

Please feel free to phone us at the number below, hopefully well in advance, if we can help. (We can even test it with you.) It would be great for everyone to be ready to go at meeting time.

Please expect the meeting to conclude by 12:30 pm; or, if no one other than the organizers show up, by 11:30 am.

Secret Webpages:
We have hidden webpages with wonderful treasures. Finding them is tricky:

  1. On meetup.com/eb-rsi click the "More" tab
  2. On the "More" popup click "Message boards".
  3. Then highlight the "More" menu.
  4. From the More menu select "Pages", then you will see our 4 very helpful hidden pages!

Between meetings, we warmly invite those who want to talk to one or more of our team of phone-volunteers to please leave us a message at (510)[masked]‬. (Note that Meetup will "mask" the number if you are not logged in.)

Very helpful guidelines for "Living with RSI" by Dan Newman:

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Peer Support by Videoconference!

Online event

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