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(un)Common Meal w/Supporting Members & Ready-to-Buy Groups (Berkeley Cohousing)
Come cook a meal in community, and meet East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO) Supporting Members who are ready to co-buy a mini-community home nearby with you, or talk about what it would take to buy a home in cohousing elsewhere, in the greater Sacramento area, Portland, or beyond. Come as early as 5:00 and help cook a meal together in a cohousing Common House - no previous kitchen or group cooking experience required! We will shop for ingredients and design healthy menus in advance, and break up the work into small, manageable pieces. Or come by 6 to help serve the meal. Anyone who arrives later gets to converse and enjoy the meal (served by 6:30) and be part of the fun clean-up crew that follows. Over dinner, we'll share overviews of projects EBCOHO members are pursuing, including buying an expandable home just a few blocks from here, moving to newly-building and forming communities outside the Bay Area, and joining established communities. And then, after we finish cleaning up, we'll break into discussion groups by interest. Note: this is not a tour, so please don't disturb our cohousing neighbors. No pets or smoking on site. Please remember to exit quietly so kids with early bedtimes get a good night's sleep. Just a few spots available. $20 per person (advance payment required to register), or free for current EBCOHO Supporting Members. Supporting Members get a featured profile, discounts on events, a cohousing book or communities magazine subscription, early notice of openings and events, and we get to know more about you so we can make introductions and connections and schedule events relevant to your interests. Kids are welcome, no charge (don't include them in your guest count, but please do include their ages in your RSVP note), and are free to use our play room, but we won't be providing childcare - and please don't let them run around outside after dark. You can renew your membership or join via our Cohousing California website, . We now offer monthly automatic credit card payments as a membership option, instead of a whole year in advance.

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Berkeley Cohousing

2220 Sacramento St. Common House - Unit G · Berkeley, CA


What we're about

Welcome! East Bay Cohousing is for people interested in intentional communities and creating ways of meeting our daily needs for shelter and livelihood through cooperative long-term relationships among peers.

We are a big tent for all manner of self-governing member-led "collaborative housing" communities, including housing cooperatives, student coops, collective and co-living households, as well as co-housing neighborhoods, urban and rural eco-villages, faith-based or service oriented, moshads, kibbutzes and income sharing communes! EBCOHO Members come from every county in the Bay Area, and other parts of the US and the world.

Check out the EBCOHO calendar and events descriptions, past and present, to see the range of events we produce or curate from among our members, friends, partners, friends, and movement allies for a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world. Look for socials, orientations, workshops, discussions, slide shows, movie nights, open houses, work-days, trainings, tours, and conferences.

Explore the Discussion Forums to post and search for openings, forming groups, call-outs from Members, and other features.

Orientations for newcomers are usually offered every 4-6 weeks. This is where you can explore current and long-term opportunities to join a community, ask lots of questions, share who you are and your dreams, and start meeting like-minded people. If you are a do-it-yourself learner or explore the big picture, you'll get lots of useful resources.

Joining EBCOHO also makes you part of Cohousing California. At you will find other regional networks, a combined calendar of events, links to forming and existing communities we know, and links to our partners, networks we belong to, and groups we consider allies around the world.

Use the Suggest a Meetup feature if you'd like to see a particular topic addressed, or if you've got something you are hosting. Events we personally host (Cohousing Coaches Raines & Betsy, that is), almost always include ample time for members to share their personal visions, skills and experiences.

EBCOHO is not usually a quick route to cheap housing, although members do share openings and offers, and we do list and refer members to openings in established intentional communities, both rental and ownership, in the Bay Area and beyond.

Thousands of Bay Area residents already live in safe and stable collaborative housing situations sharing life experiences and living expenses, decision-making, and ownership. Across the US and the world, millions more of people are living more sustainably, more democratically, more cooperatively, and more cost effectively, out of the booms and busts of predatory real estate markets.

If you want to know your neighbors well, have a better life by sharing more, and live more peacefully and lightly on the planet then please join us!

MORE.... about the sponsors and hosts of East Bay Cohousing.

This work is self-funded by the organizers, with a depth of knowledge and commitment that makes it unusual among Meetups (at least we think so!).

Thank you to Supporting Members and our Coaching Clients for helping defray some of the expenses of this labor of love. We thank you with a free orientation, and discounts to future events hosted by us and some of our sponsors/partners. You can track income and expenses on the Money page.

EBCOHO and Cohousing California are projects of Raines Cohen and Betsy Morris and our business partnership, Planning for Sustainable Communities. Each of us has lived in multiple cooperative living situations in the Bay Area before moving in together to Berkeley Cohousing, where we have been members since 2003. Raines has been deeply involved in technology user groups, tech for the social good, journalism and database consulting; Betsy has a PhD, a Masters in city and regional planning, and 20 years experience as a community development and research consultant. Both of us love organizing events that put people first, offer quality resources, and open up new doors and windows to the world that supports our visions and values.

As Cohousing Coaches and project consultants, we provide technical assistance and personalized support for individual members, forming groups, and existing communities. We connect a wide variety of kindred spirits and resources. Please find out more at , or

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