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Sing Along with cohousers and Strawberries at the farmer's market (Berkeley)

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Songs.. and Strawberries: A Community Sing-Along at the Berkeley Farmers Market

Not a cohousing-specific event but led by our Berkeley Cohousing neighbor Daniel Barash, a musical cohouser (he actually was part of a DC-area cohousing neighborhood before his family joined our community) from down the street! And a great spot to meet other families and recruit for new shared community living, cohouseholding or cohousing. (we've invited our new supporting members who are trying to create a new "Intentional Family" group house, and will update if and when they confirm they can make it to this event)

Join friends of the East Bay Community Music Project (EBCMP ( as we sing best-loved folk songs together. Then partake in some complimentary seasonal produce, direct from the Farmers Market. Songs and strawberries, what a perfect pair!

About EBCMP:

The East Bay Community Music Project is committed to building community through fun and engaging music-making experiences for people of all ages. Learn more on their website (

One of the hallmarks of a thriving musical culture is that music is an activity that everyone does together, across all generations, unselfconsciously.

The Bay Area has no shortage of music venues where you can go and listen, but where do you go when you want to sing and move yourself?

Imagine a community of people, united by the simple joyof making music together; a community that gathers on a regular basis to sing, move, improvise, play instruments; acommunity that is not divided by age, skill, race, culture or economic status.

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