PLACEHOLDER DATE Shared Equity - buying and financing property together

East Bay Cohousing - Berkeley/Oakland/E'ville
East Bay Cohousing - Berkeley/Oakland/E'ville
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(stay tuned for new date, we are rescheduling with our co-presenter. THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL DATE, IT IS JUST A PLACEHOLDER)


A Call to renters and homebuyers afraid they’re being priced out of Bay Area housing! Seize this rare opportunity to learn how to ‘Buy and live in your own small building’ from the Co-Ownership Expert, Attorney D. Andy Sirkin.

Andy wrote the book on ‘The Equity Sharing Manual’, the benchmark roadmap to affordable home ownership and he can tell how. Attend this high impact affordable housing symposium and discover how the ‘TIC’, Tenancy In Common and ‘Shared Equity’ methods, open doors to affordable home ownership.

Meet with others like you who are at risk of losing out and gain complete authoritative knowledge. Andy will identify multiple strategies you can use to buy, own, and live in your own small building - duplex, triplex, fourplex, or buy a single family home for multiple dwellers. Come join us to secure tangible knowledge of how to be your own investor (BYOI) and Buy Your Own Building (BYOB).

Joining Andy is Mortgage Expert, Cheyenne Martinez-Boyer, from Sterling Bank & Trust who pioneered ‘TIC’ mortgage lending. They have offered TIC loans longer than any other lender say “Enjoy the benefits of home ownership in buildings that aren't condos.”

Finally, Francis McIlvenny, of Northern California Community Land Trust will talk about sharing equity with a nonprofit to guarantee long-term affordability, security, and partnership, not for those getting older or lacking the income to qualify for market-rate mortgages.

What are the legal and financial options for buying and financing properties for cooperative housing communities?

Join us to hear firsthand from these 3 experts who have helped EBCOHO members and many other people realize their housing dreams. Program includes time for presentations (with handouts); Bay Area examples; Q&A and discussion. Meet and share interests with other participants as well.

Light refreshments will be served!

Program Schedule TBD

12:45 doors open

1pm Welcome and Introductions

1:20 Andy Sirkin, lawyer, author, Shared Equity Housing pioneer, will discuss Tenants in Common and other ways to purchase property with others.

2:30 Cheyenne Martinez-Boyer, Sterling Bank (of SF) - qualifying for regular and fractional (individual) TIC mortgages.


3:30 Francis McIlveen, Northern California Community Land Trust. CLT. Francis will share on how CLT models and programs enable property acquisition and preserves affordability. Examples include TIC, cohousing condominiums, nonprofits, and cooperatives, homeowner and rental.

4:30 - Next Steps and Resources

Informal Discussion/Networking until 5:15

Your Hosts: Evelyn Moorman (EBCOHO supporting member, and faculty member at CSU East Bay) with EBCOHO Cohousing Coaches, Raines Cohen and Betsy Morris.

Tuition is $65 at the door; $45 for supporting East Bay Cohousing members. Get in touch about Bay Bucks or BACE time bank. For other options email host Evelyn Moorman. Advance payment discount available via Eventbrite.

Seating currently for 20.