Future Housemates Mingle:Find co-searchers for shared rental (South Berkeley)

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EBCOHO member Sara Sunstein suggested this event: Remember that wonderful house you shared with folks during and just after college? The shared meals, easy coming and going, hanging out/hiding out, heartfelt talks, contagious laughter? My dream is to create an updated, mature, version of that--sharing meals, conversation, humor, and activities too, as they naturally flow into our lives. With additions of non-blaming, clear, and timely communications, clean boundaries, and whatever wisdom and joy we've developed in the decades since our 20's.

If this is something you'd like too, and want to start anew rather than fitting into an established house, this Mingle is for you! Join us to meet others with similar dreams, do some playful and sincere exercises to meet/get a sense of each other quickly. Hopefully we'll meet and feel a "click" with just the right like-minded folks, who might even have compatible lifestyles, dietary needs, and neatness levels. Imagine that! If we can see it and feel it, it can happen.

Some details of Sara's dream, join it or use it as model for your own example: Let's look together for a place to live in or near Berkeley and BART (Rockridge to El Cerrito); 4-6 people/home (maybe only 3, maybe 7); We'll probably need to pay $1000/bedroom, give or take $100.

Please bring:
your willingness to share who you are and what you need and want in a home