National Cohousing Open House Day (E. Bay/N.Bay/S. Bay/Sac/Davis)

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Visit and explore selected cohousing neighborhoods in Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, the North Bay, Sacramento/Davis, Silicon Valley, and beyond, as part of this coordinated effort.

RSVP here and stay tuned to this page for notice of which communities will be open when (please respect listed hours for each community), guided tours by Cohousing Coaches, specific events and more.

We hope to have a bunch of East Bay Communities signed up, and will update with specific hours, activities, and a map. Here's who we had last year:

* Phoenix Commons: waterfront senior cohousing (9 AM, breakfast, tours, talks, get maps, start an organized group tour)
* Temescal Creek Cohousing
* Doyle Street Cohousing
* Pleasant Hill Cohousing: midday panel
* a PLACE for Sustainable Living

With additional options in the North Bay and Davis/Sacramento/Foothills areas.