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Eccentric people are highly intelligent and can be quirky. Do you want to make new friends, enjoy delicious cuisine, laugh, etc?? If so, this might be the group for you.

To me, being eccentric is more than just being 'different' or 'odd'. It's about being yourself and proud of it. So, if you like great food and interesting people, give us a spin! We occasionally venture into other areas, yet almost always end up dining together somewhere.

We, most often, seek out unique/exotic restaurants and similar venues that promote enjoyable dining experiences, stimulating conversation and merriment all around!! What's unique or exotic to some may not be such for others, yet in the end, we all end up happy and well-fed! Cheers to dining together all around Central Florida!

- Dan (http://www.pitviperindustries.com)

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Sushi in Longwood at Bayridge

Bayridge Sushi Longwood

Going back as requested. While I have the start time at 5:30, that is only so those who can get there can take advantage of Happy Hour specials which end at 6. I'll be there early and for about 3 hours.

Way Late Lunch or Early Dinner at Manzano's Deli in Winter Park

I don't know about you, but it's been an eternity since I've been to a really, really great deli. Having dined at one of their other locations, I'm ultra-eager to eat at Manzano's Deli off Fairbanks Avenue. They never disappoint and are a gem among gems in Winter Park! Grab a sandwich that takes two hands to hold and chomp your way through a bliss-filled meal with friends and fellow social diners (aka foodies) . They have other items too, like Pizza, Salads, etc. Menu Link = https://manzanowinterpark.com/ We may end up with the place all to ourselves...yet regardless, we'll be seated in accord with state and city requirements. While you may not need to wear it in the restaurant, please bring a face covering of some sort. Please honor your RSVP and show up if you chose "Yes". If you cannot make it after already RSVP'ing "Yes", simply change your RSVP to "No" online. That way, we can manage seating arrangements and such with the restaurant. It's always okay to arrive a bit late, so please don't worry if something slows you down. Feel free to call the restaurant at (407)[masked] if you need assistance finding the place and/or have food allergies or preferences you want to run by them. Well-behaved children are welcome, however expect adult conversations that may not always appear suitable for younger ears. Be there or go hungry, Dan https://saboscrivner.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/20180913_160032_resized.jpg?w=1200

Mexican at Habenero"s Winter Park

Habenero's Mexican Restaurant

As requested at last Thursday's event, we are heading for Mexican food. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Korean at Korea House in Longwood

Korea House Restaurant

As requested, now a recurring event for the second Thursday of the month. This is another of my favorite places that I don't get to enough. They have great bulgogi and their Seafood pancake is constantly raved about in reviews. Plenty of other dishes that can actually be cooked at the table or prepared for you. Looking forward to seeing a lot of people who have been there before because they all say when are we going back.

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Korean at Korea House in Longwood

Korea House Restaurant

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