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Hi and welcome to Eclectic Introverts of OC!

This group is for those quirky introverts out there looking for support and a place to hang out with other fellow like-minded souls. As much as we love the comfort and quietness of our home, being in hermit mode can get a little lonely. I want to create a space where we can go out and feel at ease in knowing you’re not the only one with feelings of social anxiety, awkwardness or having a solitary disposition. I think it can be restorative being aware that others are in the same boat. This group will hold an encouraging atmosphere for everyone to venture out into the world without the pressure of conforming to extroverted ways.

My intention for this meetup is to help get introverts out of their comfort zones, myself included, and create new connections, ease the scary feelings of daily life, develop skills to cope with everyday challenges and forming our own community of introverts helping introverts. :-)

Planned events will include fun indoor/outdoor activities such as chilling at various coffee shops, going on nature walks, the movies, attending art galleries/museums, concerts, special indie related outings, book discussions, good eats/drinks, beach-related stuff, basically whatever you would like to have the opportunity to encounter is game for this group.

I’m excited to discover new places and experiences with you all!

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Impromptu like ABC: Speak when there's no time to think!

Needs a location


Have you ever swallowed your tongue when it was your turn to speak?
Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you’ve been asked a question and had no clue how to respond? Standing there with a “blank” mind, wishing for that awkward silence to end… 😳
Have you ever forgotten a word or a phrase during your speech and ended up stumbling, getting sweaty and feeling lost? 🤯

Then we’ve got just a couple more questions for you, but be honest with yourself.

Do you want to:
🌟 Master the craft of speaking on the spot?
🤩 Speak with confidence anytime and anywhere?
🥇 Make your speeches and conversations memorable?

If the answer is YES to at least one of the above, you are in the right place!
We believe that anyone can become a great speaker and learn to express their thoughts clearly even at times when preparation is not an option. And we’ll prove it!

In this webinar, you will:
✅ Understand the importance and applications of Impromptu Speaking
✅ Learn to visualise, plan and speak like a natural when facing unexpected questions
✅ Find out how to speak confidently and competently in any situation
✅ Dig deep into the world of impromptu speaking, where opportunities to shine are constantly waiting for you!

🙋‍♂️ Meet Your Trainer: Aaron Leung
Aaron Leung is an international dynamic speaker, TEDx coach and a global Impromptu Speaking Champion. Having been an introverted person who doesn’t like to share, he has now dedicated himself to making a difference in people's lives, helping them find their own voices and transforming thousands of talented speakers all around the world.

🎓 What is Skillsme?
Skillsme, a soft skills academy, (UK) (skillsme.co.uk) helps people develop outstanding communication skills to achieve more out of life, be it passing a job interview, acing the first date, or successfully pitching for investment.

💭 Our students said:
"Skillsme teaches you how to get your point across without losing the attention of your audience. Structure, delivery, vocal variety, emotions and ethics - every aspect of communication is covered in their classes, which is why I highly recommend them!" Emile K.


How to Build Confidence and Charisma [Webinar]

Link visible for attendees

Register for the event : https://lu.ma/charisma-Eclectic-Introverts-of-OC

​Have you ever met people so confident you can't help but pay attention to what they're saying?
​Have you ever wished to be just as assertive and charismatic?
​To be heard, to be understood, to be in charge.
​Then we have a few questions for you, but you’ll need to be honest with yourself.

Do you ever:
​👉 Avoid social and professional situations because you struggle to start or contribute to conversations 🙈
👉 Think is it even possible for me to grab people's attention and get my points across in a confident persuasive manner? 😅
👉 Wish to become a confident courageous version of yourself 🕺
​If the answer is YES to at least one of the above, then we have some great news for you! There is a way even the quietest and most modest of us can talk to anyone with confidence. Yes, this really could be You.
​In this webinar, you will learn:
​✅ What are the steps to building any new communication skill, including assertiveness and expressiveness
✅ The fastest and most effective way to develop any communication skill, so you don’t spend your lifetime on learning
✅ How to make your new skills a part of your nature and how people always perceive you, rather than something you need to think about every time you perform them
✅ What is the #1 thing that helped Warren Buffett become one of the richest people in the world

🙋🏼‍♀️ Meet Your Trainer: Diana Robertson
Diana Robertson is an award-winning speaker, communication skills trainer and founder of Skillsme Soft Skills Academy. Having been a shy introvert herself, she has now devoted her life to helping introverts unleash their potential with the power of communication skills.

🎓 What is Skillsme?
Skillsme Academy, UK (skillsme.co.uk) helps people develop outstanding communication skills to achieve more out of life, be it passing a job interview, acing the first date, or successfully pitching for investment.

💭 Our students said:
“Amazed by Skillsme Academy. Diana [Academy’s Founder] is a high-end professional who puts a lot of energy and knowledge into her programmes. I sincerely recommend Skillsme Academy to those who understand that talking using facts and statements alone is not enough to be an effective communicator, especially if you want people to “buy” what you sell. Skillsme taught me how to be more convincing and achieve desired results as a communicator while still sounding genuine and humane. It was a top-level training.” - Kristina K
Register for the event : https://lu.ma/charisma-Eclectic-Introverts-of-OC

Tell your story! [Interactive Training]

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Reach new heights in life by getting into the habit of Storytelling!
🎟 GET YOUR FIRST FREE ENTRY TICKET HERE: https://lu.ma/gym-Eclectic-Introverts-of-OC
👉 Do any of these apply to You?

  • People often tell I am a good listener, but rarely tell me that I am a good speaker.
  • I have a lot of valuable ideas to contribute to a discussion, but I struggle to share them in an elegant confident manner.
  • When asked to speak on the spot I freeze. I say the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s often some non-sense. However, afterwards, I think of a million brilliant replies and stories that I could have told.

OR you already have a story you want to tell at your next presentation, and you need a place to polish it before presenting.
If you often find yourself in at least one of these situations we have great news: it can be fixed!
👉 How Storytellers' Gym can help You?

  1. Build Confidence: It will help you feel confident and sound convincing
  2. Impress & Be Heard: It will help you become a more interesting and amusing speaker
  3. Think on Your Feet: It will get you used to tell stories without preparation
  4. Get Perfect Prep: It will give you a place to practise your stories before delivering them

👉 How it works:

  1. You will join an online "room" with one other participant.
  2. You will get six minutes to tell your story.
  3. The listener gives you feedback on your story.
  4. You switch roles and the above is repeated twice.

💭 Our students said:
"When I started, I was a very bad storyteller. People would often not listen to my stories till the end, interrupt me or get distracted. Then I participated in Skillsme Academy's Storytelling gym with course, they became the game changer for me. There was a minimum of useless talking and a maximum of learning and practice. But what I enjoyed the most is that now I fell in love with telling stories because my delivery has changed so much that people want to listen to me more and more! Thank you so much Skillsme Academy!" Anastasia B.
💥 Don’t delay your growth. Become an inspiring charismatic communicator today! 💥
📌 Join our sessions on Wednesdays at 18:30 - 19:30 BST (London) once every two weeks.
📅 See the schedule here: https://skillsme.co.uk/storytellers-gym/storyteller-gym-calendar
🎟 GET YOUR FIRST FREE ENTRY TICKET HERE: https://lu.ma/gym-Eclectic-Introverts-of-OC

Xiao Long Bao aka Juicy Soup Dumplings

Needs a location

Who loves juicy soup dumplings from Din Tai Fung? I DO I DO! But sadly it's impossible to get a reservation there so let's try this new place in Bloomingdale's, Paradise Dynasty. Keeping the time-honored traditions of the intricate Xiao Long Bao, Paradise Dynasty offers eight unique flavors such as crab roe, cheese, garlic, kimchi, Szechuan, and the king OF ALL kings - foie de poulet and black truffle.

Important Notes:

  • This is Family Style so we will be sharing. Check out the menu.
  • It is on the pricier side. Check out the prices on the menu.
  • The whole party has to be present in order to be seated so please be on time and there is only a 10 minute grace period.

During the week of the event, I will be reaching out for a personal confirmation of your RSVP. If you don't have your message feature turned on and/or you don't respond, then I will assume you can no longer attend and update your status accordingly.

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