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Edgar Cayce believed in Healing using Body, Mind, Spirit. One of the most frequently mentioned concepts in the Edgar Cayce material is that Spirit is the Life, Mind is the Builder, and the Physical is the Result. In other words, spirit is the source of all life. The mind focuses that energy into creative (positive) or destructive (negative) avenues of expression.

The impact of our choices will eventually find expression in the physical, affecting ourselves and our relationships with one another. It is important that we continue to meet and spread the word of Edgar Cayce and the other classes and events of like mind.

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Crystals and Gemstones.... Week 1, Boosting Your Immune System Naturally!

This first class is FREE! This is a 9 week course. Classes will be recorded so you can watch later if you miss the class. In this class, we will find out the main reasons our immune system fails us and how we can begin to strengthen it using crystals and gemstones. We will be focusing our attention on a few basic crystals to help us with immune system support. You don’t need to purchase crystals to take the class or course, but the meditation at the end of the classes may very well be an amplified experience if you are holding them. If you want to do energy work on yourself, you may want to purchase crystals or go to a crystal practitioner. All following classes will be at 1:00 PM AZ time. The crystals we will be exploring in week 1 are the following... Clear Quartz, preferred for all types of energy work Black Kyanite, preferred for all types of energy work Other crystals/gemstones we will cover in week 1 are.. (Stones 1, 2, & 3 are Cayce sacred stones). Amethyst Emerald Blue Lace Agate Larimar Lithium Quartz Sugilite Once we have explored the crystals, I will charge your crystals/gemstones with Reiki Energy remotely. This will amplify your crystals to better serve you. After that, we will go into a peaceful meditation to start the process of strengthening your immune system. We will end with a Q&A session. If you are local to the Phoenix area, there is a crystal shop called Star Woman Crystals. Here is their website. https://starwomancrystals.com/ At this time, they are doing appointment only sales. Please call them at[masked]. It’s nice to try and support local business through these trying times. During the next seven weeks, we will explore the strengths and healing abilities of crystals/gemstones as well as where and how to use them. Each class will cover 4 crystals pertaining to each Chakra. The first two crystals listed are some of Edgar Cayce's sacred stones. I will charge your crystals and gemstones with Reiki energy remotely. Each class will conclude with a beneficial meditation and Q&A. Week 2 8/9/20 Chakra system & Root Chakra Crystals, Red Jasper, Mookaite Black Obsidian, Smokey Quartz https://paypal.me/SherrieHowe/7.02 Week 3 8/16/20 Sacral Chakra Crystals, Carnelian, Moonstone, Tigers Eye, Unakite, https://paypal.me/SherrieHowe/7.03 Week 4 8/23/20 Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals, Aquamarine, Morganite, Yellow Calcite, Citrine https://paypal.me/SherrieHowe/7.04 Week 5 8/30/20 Heart Chakra Crystals, Moss Agate, Jade, Amazonite, Malachite https://paypal.me/SherrieHowe/7.05 Week 6 9/13/20 Throat Chakra Crystals, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate, Larimar, Angelite, https://paypal.me/SherrieHowe/7.06 Week 7 9/20/20 Third Eye Chakra Crystals, Azurite, Lemurian Star Seed, Fluorite, Celestite, https://paypal.me/SherrieHowe/7.07 Week 8 9/27/20 Crown Chakra Crystals, Amethyst, Chalcedony, Selenite, Howlite https://paypal.me/SherrieHowe/7.08 All Chakra Classes prepaid..save $7.00 https://paypal.me/SherrieHowe/42.00 Week 9 10/4/20 EArth Star and Soul Star Chakras Crystals, Selenite, Lithium Quartz, Jet, Black Kyanite Week 9, The last class is a FREE bonus if you purchase the 7 Chakra classes. (pre-paid or separate). We will cover the Soul Star Chakra, The Earth Star Chakra and the crystals needed. Techniques to clear your crystals, putting intentions into your crystals and how to substitute energies if you don’t have a crystal you need and charging water so you can get even more benefits from your crystals. I will show you how to check to see if your chakras are out of balance by dowsing (using a pendulum). If you don't need the Chakra classes but wish to purchase the Bonus class, it is $21.00 https://paypal.me/SherrieHowe/21.00 When you RSVP, you will be given a link to the zoom meeting. Classes will be recorded so you can watch later if you miss the class. For questions, email [masked] or phone[masked]

New Earth – 13 Signs You Are Moving Forward - Mind/Spirit Expansion Discussion

Join Our Cayce - Mind/Spirit Expansion Discussion Group! Each session we will explore a topic guaranteed to expand your mind and spirit. 1st Topic - New Earth – 13 Signs You Are Moving Forward According to late Dolores Cannon’s hypnotherapy research, a New Earth is being formed where many of us will go in the near future. Much of this is based on vibration, not only on our planet but on each individual on this planet. The most difficult concept to understand is how two Earths can exist at the same time.

What Led To Your Spiritual Awakening - Mind/Spirit Expansion Discussion Group

Join Our Cayce - Mind/Spirit Expansion Discussion Group! Each session we will explore a topic guaranteed to expand your mind and spirit. Topic - What Led To Your Spiritual Awakening? - Share your experiences ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At some point, we all had a pivotal time in our lives where we spiritually awakened. Some people awakened through personal experiences, some through truth-seeking, some had a spontaneous awakening, etc… Along the way, we had valuable experiences that helped in our spiritual progressions. While we are ALL still learning every day, there is much to learn from these responses.

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