What we're about

We are a small, informal non-fiction book group who meet every couple of weeks and (in theory) discuss one book a month. Although a lot of it is just drinking and chatting ...

With non-fiction virtually anything goes: Art, biographies/memoirs, psychology, ecology, politics, science, history, philosophy...

We meet at around 8pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Meetings are currently on-line. Once restrictions end we'll be back in the Blue Blazer on Spittal Street. The Blue Blazer has been our 'home' for several years now. It is a bustling pub, not a hushed shrine to the printed word, but it suits us. We are usually at the back of the back room, and we try to have some books on the table so you'll know who we are.

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We are Bellingcat by Elliot Higgins

Blue Blazer

'John le Carré demystified the intelligence services; Higgins has demystified intelligence gathering itself' Financial Times

'Uplifting . . . Riveting . . . What will fire people through these pages, gripped, is the focused, and extraordinary investigations that Bellingcat runs . . . Each runs as if the concluding chapter of a Holmesian whodunit' Telegraph

'We Are Bellingcat is Higgins's gripping account of how he reinvented reporting for the internet age . . . A manifesto for optimism in a dark age' Luke Harding, Observer

How did a collective of self-taught internet sleuths end up solving some of the biggest crimes of our time?

Bellingcat, the home-grown investigative unit, is redefining the way we think about news, politics and the digital future. Here, their founder - a high-school dropout on a kitchen laptop - tells the story of how they created a whole new category of information-gathering, galvanising citizen journalists across the globe to expose war crimes and pick apart disinformation, using just their computers.

From the downing of Malaysia Flight 17 over the Ukraine to the sourcing of weapons in the Syrian Civil War and the identification of the Salisbury poisoners, We Are Bellingcat digs deep into some of Bellingcat's most successful investigations. It explores the most cutting-edge tools for analysing data, from virtual-reality software that can build photorealistic 3D models of a crime scene, to apps that can identify exactly what time of day a photograph was taken.

In our age of uncertain truths, Bellingcat is what the world needs right now - an intelligence agency by the people, for the people.

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We are Bellingcat by Elliot Higgins

Blue Blazer

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