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Thank you very much for being interested in our group, we appreciate it. We must emphasize that NO MEMBER REQUEST WILL BE APPROVED WITHOUT A CLEAR PROFILE PHOTO WHERE YOU CAN BE RECOGNIZED, thank you very much.


Dear members,

This is a Private meetup group specially created to enjoy together here in Edinburgh; sharing friendship, outdoors activities, travelling, nights out and social events over the throughout year and make new and good friends to have a social life and local places to go and enjoy here in Edinburgh!

Please apply just people living or visiting Scotland or Edinburgh giving the group´s goal, thank you.

Everyone is welcome! doesn´t matter age or gender, local people, from other countries or nationalities.... so please, come to make new friends and meet with the regulars or come with your own friends.

What are we trying to achieve with our regular meetups over the whole year is to create a friendly and nice group of friends in Edinburgh mainly thinking on local people that are living and making their lives here but, doesn't matter if you are coming just for a few weeks or just the summer everyone is welcome :). Coming regularly to these meetups, you always will have friends to meet in our regular pubs which are between the most famous in the city when you will finish your workday or week at any time of the year, doesn't matter if is summer or winter time....

• Group language: English please, to understand each other, many thanks.

• FACEBOOK group available to participate, be active, post about any matter, make friends, comments or suggest events: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hubedinburgh/

• WHATSAPP Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/H6IAlc2g2qR5Y2fWfbgq7B

The organizers cannot attend all our meetups, will be impossible giving personal lives and work, but depending on the type of event is not necessary the presence of an organiser to attend, just introduce yourself, have some drink, chat and have fun with the others, sure you will make new friends and buddies! Make this private club one of your regulars and always you will have friends to meet and a place where to go for your relax, laughs and good moments, it's FOR YOU, enjoy it!

RULES & POLICIES to respect for the good working and achievement of the club goals:

· Members who are open, positive and supportive people are welcome. People looking to create trouble, arguments, negativity and who do not follow the group rules are asked not to take up membership or to leave the group.

· The administrators and organizers are taking care of the group and its goals. If you are not part of these teams, please do not try to set up any rules or behave in such a way that affects group cohesion. In order to achieve our goals, it is not allowed to advertise parallels events or other groups. You can always contact privately to the organizer or administrators in the different channels to make suggestions and contribute with ideas, they will try to study them, thank you.

· Please report privately to the admins any harassment, intimidation or behaviour against you. Your concerns will be looked into. The admins will take the appropriate action.

· If you strongly disagree with another member´s post or action, please contact them privately, not on the group chat. The goal is to create a nice environment and avoid other members feeling negative or uncomfortable.

· Controversial subjects are best avoided. Politics, religion or similar matters are discouraged to chat on the group. This way any arguments or hurt is avoided.

· Any member who does not adhere to the rules will receive one warning ‘only’ after which should the behaviour continue the member will be removed and banned from this private club, WhatsApp and Facebook groups and the main website and events.

· The organizers and administrators have the same right that any other member to post, comment, opine and interact and they are not to be analysed. You are invited to this private club or group, is not compulsory at all so, if you are, please, be kind.

· Notice that organizers and host can take photos on our events just to be used as promotion of our groups in all our channels. When we will take photos any attendant can take the decision to appear on the photo or not.

· We want to be clear this is a private club with rules, administrators and owners, it is not a public group. The owners and administrators reserve the right to accept or eliminate any member they deem appropriate.

· These rules apply to any of the channels of this club; meetup page, events, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other network and can be changed at any moment following the criteria and aim of the owners.

· The rules or policies are not open for discussion! Thank you for your understanding.

Best wishes,

Your team!

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