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What we’re about

Online Discussions; Insights, Resources and Practical Tools for Trauma Recovery (PTSD, CPTSD, Neurodivergent).
Education in the The Biology of Stress, Shock and Early Developmental Trauma.

*This is a community of peers along with nervous system and biology of stress explorational students and specialists. Our wishes are to bring more light to the importance of self-care and a supportive community.

NURTURING RESILIENCE through education, self awareness and compassionate practices that support the NERVOUS SYSTEM.

We ask that you join us with KINDNESS and CURIOSITY.

This is meant to be a SAFE and SUPPORTIVE space for thriving.
An environment of Non Violent Communication and personal growth.

No judgments, perceptions, or assumptions.

Talk from your own experiences and not from those not present.

What happens in the group ... stays in the group.

*NOTE: This group is not meant to be a replacement for professional care, it is supplemental to radical self care. Please reach out to your doctor or call 911 if you or anyone is in harms way.

Group Guidelines:

• Please have your camera's on for introductions, then feel free to turn them off if needed.
• Turn off mic when not presenting or sharing.
Note: there will be some practices that are most effective when participants are visual.

• Please use hand icon to share. We encourage compassionate listening when you don't have the mic.

• Please use the chat for on topic conversation only. Staying mindful and supporting those who are presenting.

• Sessions will not be recorded. Only exception would be if we bring in a special guest lecturer (that portion) you will be informed before hitting record for your privacy.

• Session resources will be added to the live chat and after in the group chat.

We look forward to you joining us!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to DM one of our organizers.

This group started with the kindness of founder Don Edstrom. We carry on his
wishes with compassion and homage ... to all those that have came before us and all those that will come after ...

LOOK for upcoming announcements on the NEW schedule of dates and times.

Till then ... Take good care.
In Wellness,
Dede, Simon, Wendy, Arlene & David