• Let's catchup at a Christmas Dinner Party at the Old Bank Cafe

    Needs a location

    Let's gather and have a Christmas Dinner Party! (Limited Seating, RSVP early)

    We will enjoy a gourmet style dinner prepared by Jag at the Old Bank Cafe in Millet.

    Tina and Jag have a beautiful cafe located in the heart of Millet in what used to the CIBC in 1920. Filled with an antique atmosphere, the location can seat twenty (20) people and there is a small area for socializing before dinner.

    The price will be $25.00/plate (PAYABLE AT THE CAFE) with wine being donated by Circuit Cycle & Sport, in Millet. The cafe will be closed to the public, so we will have the place to ourselves. This will be a traditional xmas dinner with a twist.

    If anyone attending has a food allergy please send a direct message to Brian Hahn [masked])


    • Each person attending MUST bring a gift of a value not exceeding $15.00. The gift must be wrapped and NOT MARKED.
    • The gifts will be gathered upon your arrival and placed into one spot.
    • During the gift 'taking' and opening, the group will have a chance to see what is opened and an option at one point to 'steal' or keep the gift they opened.
    • Usually there are a few surprises in what is opened that can make the Chinese Christmas gift exchange rather animated.

    You can check out the Old Bank Cafe from their website or Facebook Page. Please Facebook LIKE them while checking them out.