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What we’re about

Welcome Activity Seeker! We are a group of people desiring to connect by participate in a variety of events. The intent of this group is to be a fun, comfortable, respectful environment for all Activity Seekers.

Suggest Future Events! I will create seasonal "Polls" on future event ideas. You are encouraged to participate in these polls.

Why be a part of this group? You are looking to be part of a fun and relaxed group. You want to meet like-minded people. You are looking to expand your social circle. You are making a fresh start (recently divorced, single, new to the city).

How to maintain "Activity Seeker" status?

  • Have a visible profile photo (headshot) so our organizers can find you at events. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you decide to change your photo to something else, this could result in being removed from our group.
    Update RSVP when you cannot attend and/or make a comment on the event page. Failure to comply will result in a "no show". After 3 "No Shows," you will be removed from the group. Why? Our organizers are all volunteers and take time to make these events successful, and you are taking the place of someone else who would have shown up.

Do not use this site/group events for business solicitation or networking. If this happens you will be banned from the site.
How to stay connected??? Download the Meet Up mobile APP
We are always looking for additional Organizers to host events. We welcome Event Ideas and location suggestions. Please contact me if you are interested in being a host and/or have an idea or a suggestion.

If at any time someone approaches you; by a message, by email or at a group event that makes you feel uncomfortable. PLEASE message or email me your organizer!

Finally, HAVE FUN!