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What we’re about

This group is for helping each other learn about how to make a difference in an effective way. We discuss global issues, animal activism, philanthropy, and other topics related to charities and non-profits. We use evidence and reason to make sure that we are actually improving the world rather than only appearing to do so. We do not pick a favourite cause or specific charity in advance, instead we try to figure out which cause areas and specific charities are actually doing the most good.

Effective altruists often support some causes such as preventing the extinction of humanity, making sure that future digitally sentient beings don’t suffer, and researching ways of preventing the suffering of wild animals, that may initially seem weird to people. This is because there are in fact good arguments why these causes may be extremely important (though you are welcome to present arguments against these positions if you disagree!)

Coming to the meetup is also a great way to meet people. Many people who are into effective altruism find that they have a lot in common with other people who are interested in it and it leads to lots of rewarding friendships. 

Effective altruism is a global social movement and there are quite a few resources for connecting with effective altruists in other areas. There is also quite a bit of online content relating to it. Take a look at this article for an introduction to the subject

Join the Facebook group too! We are more active on there