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LEARN THE EFT TAPPING BASICS, find a Tapping practise class, or become a Certified EFT Practitioner here... !!!

Do you Love EFT? I love what Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT's Meridian Tapping can do for you!

Your life is all about you: how you feel... what you think... and what you choose.
So let’s get freedom from whatever is keeping you stuck. Let’s throw the doors wide open to more wealth, happiness, good health, weight loss, fulfillment… creativity, confidence. Just actively Tapping on issues will bring you more inner and outer peace.
You deserve it.

I can help you remove the emotional blocks to feeling loved, wanted, accepted, worthy and ‘enough’. After you take the first step, taking positive action for yourself CAN become easy.

It's all about using EFT’s Meridian Tapping to lower overwhelm and stress... in whatever stories and issues represent that for you, past or present...

· stress / anxiety
· emotional / physical pain
· past trauma / boundary issues
· unhelpful repetitive thought loops
· self-sabotaging behaviours / bad habits
· lack of hope / not being ‘enough’ / not having ‘enough’
· emotional and physical self-sabotage / or a relentless inner critic

Learn powerful wording in classes or private session to bring EFT’s effectiveness to life...

If you’ve tried Tapping, and you’re not getting the results you expected, you need more information! I have 15 years experience; and answers about Tapping... come attend a Tapping class with me.

You might be genuinely surprised and excited about how effectively you can direct Tapping in fully self-supportive ways.

Just an Introduction to EFT Tapping class can change the way(s) you use Tapping forever!

· Tapping 'in the moment', when you just stop, breathe, and Tap --- this stops you from storing new worries, stresses and traumas! It's great to teach your kids, too!
· Change a bad behaviour! Just because it's a habit, doesn't mean you need to keep it
· Stop procrastinating, right now. Make your goals an achievable priority.

In an Intro to EFT Tapping, there will be live Tapping! You’ll get your questions answered. You’ll improve being able to think clearly, focus on making a plan, and following through to achieve your goals. Learn in class how to find helpful wording for addressing your specific issues. Then practice Tapping in class, clearing real issues.
It is as simple as one, two, three... once you get the Tapping basics confidently in hand.

EFT changes lives! I tell everyone, "EFT has consistently brought my clients, friends and family quick and measurable results. Over the fifteen years of using and teaching EFT... EFT repeatedly proves itself impressively effective!"

Bruce Lipton a developmental biologist, says your DNA and 95% of your behaviour is the result of unconscious beliefs. Bruce goes on to say that one of three ways to change those unconscious beliefs, is through energy therapy such as EFT. Powerful words.

YouTube videos are not enough. There are keys to making EFT work consistently well. In my EFT classes, you’ll get basics, Tapping tips, and much more! When you learn Tapping from me, you'll really know how to use Tapping.

Have you already seen Meridian Tapping's potential? Become an EFT Practitioner, and offer EFT coaching to friends, family or clients. The Benefits can be priceless. My new EFT Practitioners can always know what to ask, what to say, and how to get results for their clients... with confidence.

Join my EFT Practitioner Certification workshops! I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Reiki II, Expert EFT Trainer, TFT (Callahan's Thought Field Therapy) and EFT Practitioner.

Find out what Meridian Tapping can do for you, and the people you love! And, you're welcome to come again with family or another friend! I always look forward to seeing you!

Classes, trainings, and gatherings, usually do have a cost. However, I also offer support for all of you who don't live closeby, or who are unable to travel in Free on-line Tap-alongs where we Tap first, then check in with each other, and chat. I'm happy to answer questions for you.

Hope to see you soon!

Choosing Joy!

403 710 4443

PS: Are you committed to getting the change(s) you tell yourself you'd like to have? Ring me for a 20 minute chat about Tapping. Emotional Freedom Techniques can be help you get what you really want achieved, this year!

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