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Einhorn is the German word for unicorn and describes one of the many guard positions found in the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) system we teach. Einhorn is  a non-profit educational organization dedicated to research and teaching of the martial arts found in medieval Europe. Our focus within this area rests on the German school but we also teach Italian, English and Spanish.  We offer a complete combat system including Longsword, sword and buckler, Messer, dagger, Dussack, Ringen (grappling), staff, spear, and other weapons. The first practice session is free.
Our classes typically start with warm up and some calisthenics. The bulk of the class time is dedicated to working with the weapon(s), either solo or in partner drills. Often training concludes with practice sparring.  HEMA is a full contact martial arts and we do take safety seriously. First time visitors can use loaner protective gear and weapons, before deciding to buy their own. Men, please wear a protective groin cup to every practice. We suggest that women wear a rigid chest protector.
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For more information about HEMA, please visit For more information on our amazing historical sources, please visit our Fechtbuch site:

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