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We are energy, we can heal and be healed. We can and do, manifest and attract what we desire through our thoughts and intentions. We have fabulous opportunities to experience life through Body, Mind and Spirit.

The developers of the Center for Tranquiity would like to offer you all these avenues for discovering yourself. We have a variety of courses and self help groups to appeal to everyone. We bring practices that stretch across the globe in their origins.

Whether you are a beginner just starting out or a teacher seeking to share your programs we invite you to share with us.

We welcome new programs and healers of every walk. You may find out more about us CenterforTranquility

As 2017approaches the time and energy of the cosmos has never been better for self discovery than it is right now. You owe it to yourself to connect with your true self and allow your light to shine.

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Foundation for Astro Soul Exploration
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Soulful Journey

This is a fabulous opportunity to !. Work closely with your team of spirit guides as you search your memory bank of lifetimes and gain insights and understanding into your feelings and beliefs affecting you today. 2. Discover your life purpose and the depth of your commitment to it. 3. Learn about the zones of consciousness on and around planet earth and their affect on you and your life. 6 hours $100.00

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Sound Healing Meditation

Inner Peace Wellness


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