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What we’re about

Elite Social Society is a subscription based social club for professionals. A lifestyle of socializing and entertainment for socialites and celebrities. Our Meetup group is designed to offer unique opportunities for our members to socialize, network, and give back to the community. We post weekly, monthly, and annual events that our members can attend. Some events are public or private, and may be hosted by Elite Social Society, members, or a third party. Members are invited to attend, but are not required to in order to continue their membership. As an exclusive subscription based social club, Elite Social Society encompasses fashion, news, events, and interviews for all Socialites. Membership is open to professionals, who enjoy meeting new people, are looking to build lasting business and personal relationships over common interests, and are curious about the entertainment Oklahoma has to offer. Membership is FREE (for a limited time) and includes the following:

*Membership card (coming soon) <br>*Membership pricing for events <br>*Membership only events <br>*Monthly notice of events (happy hours, Sunday brunch, concerts, & galas) <br>*Etiquette tips <br>*Fashion tips (what to wear) <br>*Spotlight of local venues (where to be) <br>*Interviews with local professionals (who to know) <br>*And much more...

Visit our social media outlets and (like) our Facebook page, (follow) us on Twitter at @eSocialSociety, and (follow) us on Instagram at @eSocialSociety.