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This is a group for anyone interested in joining us in learning Elixir. Code will be coded, beer will be drunk, conversations will be had, networking will be ... networked? Come on in and join! Be there for the first meet up!

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Introduction to Whistle, build interactive client-side apps entirely in Elixir

Hello Alchemists! We hope everyone had some great holidays! We will kick off the year with a presentation on a new library by Mohamed Boudra. Whistle is an Elixir library that allows you to write interactive client side web apps entirely in Elixir, it manages the state of your app and streams Virtual DOM patches to the client via WebSockets. It's just like React and Redux, but on the server, how cool is that? We are going to look at why this is game changing, how it works internally and discuss both the pros and the cons. We will also discuss how is this different than Phoenix LiveView and there is going to be various cool demos of Whistle in action with live coding! If you're interested in reading more about Whistle, check out the introduction post here: https://moboudra.com/whistle-interactive-web-apps-with-elixir/ Follow Mo on Twitter: http://twitter.com/moboudra Join our slack channel: https://elixirbarcelona.herokuapp.com/ Beers and snacks provided by The Book of Everyone. See you all there!

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