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3rd Eye Meditation
COST: $20 Come and open your 3rd Eye and explore the Inner Spiritual Worlds This form of meditation has the Intention for you to spend time with Spirit and To become more aware of the Spirit within you. The Direction you are going to take is to Focus on Your Third (3rd) Eye. The Action of this meditation is to focus on a specific place inside of you, A point where a line just above your temple intersects with the line of energy From your 3rd Eye as you go inside, This point or disk, let’s you easily have direct access the energy of Spirit. Your Mind has a tendency to wander. This is a natural process. So, we ask you to occupy your mind by focusing on the name(s) of God. Posture: However you sit, stand, or lie down is your preference, just experiment and find out what works best for you. Listening/Feeling: Is an important part of this process, so during your meditation just take some time just to listen, to hear whatever is present for you. Please join us as we practice this ancient form of Meditation And enjoy the power of meditating in a group.

Phoenix Rising Metaphysics

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