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What we’re about

The Empower Business Connection is run by The Modern Observer Group, a personal and professional development company that offers coaching, consulting, networking and education programs. We're here to help you build your successful business or career. To get all the benefits of the Empower Business Connection you should check out our website (, join us on Facebook and most importantly come to our events in person or through Zoom.

Empower Business Connection is a national business organization dedicated to assisting businesspeople to grow their businesses and careers successfully by providing educational resources, support for entrepreneurs and businesspeople and networking and referral opportunities. We connect people with businesses, non-profits and community leaders to build businesses and communities and increase your success.

Please Note: Our group is not a "Meetup." Meetup is one tool we use to bring people to our events. We have over 2,500 businesspeople who are connected to us via Facebook, LinkedIn and our weekly newsletters. People RSVP on various platforms, so the number of RSVPs shown on Meetup is not indicative of how many people will be at the event.

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